Michael Haydn Trombone Concerto Pdf Merge

Michael haydn trombone concerto pdf merge

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At the beginning of the s the classical trombone concerto was a completeley unknown entity. So when Nikilaus Harnoncourt released a recording of the incomplete concerto by George Cristoph Wagenseil, This cauaed quite a sensation and the work was considered a one-off rarity.

Trombone Concerto in D Major: I. Andantino

Instead they assumed that it was really intended for the French horn. Unfortunately, the facts about the tromobone concertos presented on the CD, Probably all written for Gschladt, have been hidden for so long that there are even more question marks surrounding these pieces.

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I have now succeeded in preparing editions of these four highlyvirtuosic concertos for the alto trombone which bear witness to a goldebn period for the instrument between and I am proud to be able to present the concertos with a superb orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra. The mosst remarkable and exciting of these discoveries is the three highly virtuosic movemets composed by Michael Haydn, brother of the great Franz Joseph, daing from At this time Thomas Gschladt had been employed for eight years in Salzburg and Leopold Mozart had written the three movements of his Serenade specifically for him tracks The court Kapellmeister Eberlin, Who died in , had also written solos for him.

Michael haydn trombone concerto pdf merge

The horn virtuoso Joseph Leutgeb was also brought in from Viena, and in November Leutgeb and Gschladt were featured at a concert for the Emperor Hoseph and his bride. Michael Haydn apperas to have been present and the musicians went out for a drink at the Golden Spur afterwards.

Michael haydn trombone concerto pdf merge

Aftter this, Haydn immidediately started working on a double concerto for horn and trombone. Following the premiere of this piece, Michael Haydn felt even more encouraged to write for the trombone.

The result was a ten-movement work featrting a solo trombone in three of the movements and demanding the utmost virtuosity from the performer.

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The title of the work is unknown, as the first page is missing. The second movement is one of the pieces that W. Mozart admired Michael so much for and that he presented on his tours when promoting Austrian music abrooad.

Michael haydn trombone concerto pdf merge

The third contains a lively duet between horn and trombone that was sureleyplayed by Gschladt and Leutgeb at the premiere. Michael Haydn was only 27 years old when he wrote the work and, had he not become an alcoholic , he might have become an even more important composer than his brother Joseph.

Michael haydn trombone concerto pdf merge

At least that is the impression one gets when reading what Mozart had to say about him.