Moscow Metro Map Cyrillic Pdf To Doc

Moscow metro map cyrillic pdf to doc

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Although for locals car ownership is a highly desirable sign of success and social status, St. Petersburg's public transport network is actually extensive and efficient, if often overcrowded.

How Moscow's metro grew in 82 years.

The metro is undoubtedly the best bet for visitors, and covers nearly all of the city, with new stations opening almost every year. It also has some spectacular station architecture. Overground transport is bewilderingly varied, but not difficult to use with the help of a few pointers see individual pages below , and St.

Moscow metro map cyrillic pdf to doc

Petersburg's latest transport project means that you can even use the city's waterways to get around. The only real disadvantage of the public transport system is the lack of nighttime services, so if you plan to stay out after midnight, you will have to rely on taxis or your own two feet to get home.

Public Transportation in St.

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Although not as extensive or extravagant as Moscow's Metro, the St. Petersburg Metro leaves most other underground rail systems in the dust, and is efficient as well as beautiful.

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Petersburg has a relatively extensive system of trams, although most of them run outside the city centre, and services can easily be disrupted by roadworks. The bus network in St.

Moscow metro map cyrillic pdf to doc

Petersburg is cheap and very extensive, but not particularly easy for foreigners to use, especially if you cannot decipher Cyrillic. Almost indistinguishable from buses although much more environmentally friendly , trolleybuses are in operation throughout St.

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Private minibuses running a fixed route, marshrutki are an essential aspect of St. Petersburg's transport system, and particularly useful for getting to the suburbs.

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There is an abundance of taxis in the Northern Capital, especially along the major thoroughfares. You can flag a taxi, which is usually distinguished by a checkered bar on the rooftop, but you'll likely have to negotiate a fare.

Moscow metro map cyrillic pdf to doc

A new public transport initiative, these inexpensive water taxis now run on one route through the city. Petersburg hotels and hostels. Petersburg with tours expertly tailored to your interests. We can help.