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In these elections PiS lost most of the moderate electorate and took over voters from former coalition members and turned to nationalism and populism. The party is solidarist and mildly Eurosceptic , and shares similar political tactics with Hungary 's Fidesz but with anti-Russian stances. The AWS itself was created from a diverse array of many small political parties.

In the general election , PiS gained 44 of seats in the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament Sejm with 9. He handed the party leadership to his twin brother in In the general election , PiS took first place with It was almost universally expected that the two largest parties, PiS and Civic Platform PO , would form a coalition government. However, in order to improve his brother's chances of winning the presidential election the first round of which was scheduled two weeks after the parliamentary election , PiS formed a minority government headed by Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz as prime minister, an arrangement that eventually turned out to be unworkable.

Association with these parties, on the margins of Polish politics, severely affected the reputation of PiS. When accusations of corruption and sexual harassment against Andrzej Lepper , the leader of Self Defense, surfaced, PiS chose to end the coalition and called for new elections. In the general election , PiS managed to secure Although an improvement over its showing from , the results were nevertheless a defeat for the party, as Civic Platform PO gathered The party won out of seats in the Sejm and 39 seats in Poland's Senate.

He was the presidential candidate in the elections , and lost again in the general election.

The party won the parliamentary election , this time with an outright majority—something no Polish party had done since the fall of Communism. The Law and Justice government has been accused of posing a threat to the Polish liberal democratic system by majority of opposition groups.

Law and Justice has been accused by The Economist for undermining democracy and the rule of law and promoting right wing extremism. Its seven members of the Sejm came from the centrist , economically liberal wing of the party.

On 24 September , the group was disbanded, with most of its Sejm members, including Polaczek, returning to Law and Justice. Like Civic Platform, but unlike the fringe parties to the right, Law and Justice originated from the secular, anti-communist Solidarity trade union which is a major cleavage in Polish politics.

Today, the party enjoys great support among working class constituencies and union members. Groups that vote for the party are miners, farmers, shopkeepers, unskilled workers, unemployed and pensioners. With its left-wing approach toward economics, the party attracts these voters who did not benefit from economic liberalisation and European integration, [68] and their economic situation did not improve significantly since The strongest voting block are older, religious people who value the conservative principles the party represents and patriotism.

PiS voters are usually located in rural areas and small towns. The strongest region of support is the southern-eastern part of the country. People without a university degree prefer the party more than more educated ones. Recently, younger voters heve begun to support PiS more than in previous years.

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Regionally, it has more support in regions of Poland that were historically part of western Galicia-Lodomeria and Congress Poland. Still PiS receives good support from poor and working class areas in large cities. Based on this voter profile, Law and Justice form the core of the conservative post-Solidarity bloc, along with the League of Polish Families and Solidarity Electoral Action , as opposed to liberal conservative post-Solidarity bloc of Civic Platform.

Initially the party was broadly pro-market, although less so than the Civic Platform. In its campaigns, it emphasises that the European Union should 'benefit Poland and not the other way around'. The party supports a state-guaranteed minimum social safety net and state intervention in the economy within market economy bounds. Also: a continuation of privatization with the exclusion of several dozen state companies deemed to be of strategic importance for the country.

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PiS opposes cutting social welfare spending, and also proposed the introduction of a system of state-guaranteed housing loans. PiS supports state provided universal health care. PiS has presented a project for constitutional reform including, among others: allowing the president the right to pass laws by decree when prompted to do so by the Cabinet , a reduction of the number of members of the Sejm and Senat , and removal of constitutional bodies overseeing the media and monetary policy.

PiS advocates increased criminal penalties. It postulates aggressive anti-corruption measures including creation of an Anti-Corruption Bureau CBA , open disclosure of the assets of politicians and important public servants , as well as broad and various measures to smooth the working of public institutions.

PiS is a strong supporter of lustration lustracja , a verification system created ostensibly to combat the influence of the Communist era security apparatus in Polish society.

While current lustration laws require the verification of those who serve in public offices, PiS wants to expand the process to include university professors, lawyers, journalists, managers of large companies, and others performing "public functions".

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Those found to have collaborated with the security service , according to the party, should be forbidden to practice in their professions. The party is in favour of strengthening the Polish Army through diminishing bureaucracy and raising military expenditures, especially for modernization of army equipment.

PiS planned to introduce a fully professional army and end conscription by in August , compulsory military service was abolished in Poland. The party supports integration with the European Union on terms beneficial for Poland. It supports economic integration and tightening the cooperation in areas of energetic security and military, but is skeptical about closer political integration.

It is against formation of European superstate or federation. PiS is in favor of strong political and military alliance of Poland with the United States. In the European Parliament it is a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists , a group founded in to challenge the prevailing pro-federalist ethos of the European Parliament and address the perceived democratic deficit existing at a European level.

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The party's views on social issues are much more traditionalist than those of social conservative parties in other European countries. The party strongly promotes itself as a pro-family party and encourage married couples to have more children.

Prior to elections, it promised to build 3 million inexpensive housing units as a way to help young couples start a family. Once in government, it passed legislation lengthening parental leaves. It also revived the idea of a housing programme based on state-supported construction of inexpensive housing units. In also the party's MPs passed a law that bans most retail trade on Sundays so that workers can spend more time with their families.

Even as Poland's abortion laws are among the most restrictive in the European Union, PiS additionally opposes abortion resulting from foetal defects [78] which is currently allowed until specific foetal age. The party is also against euthanasia and comprehensive sex education. It has also proposed a ban of in-vitro fertilisation.

Also in April , parents of disabled adults who required long-term care protested in Sejm over what they considered inadequate state support, in particular, the reduction of support once the child turns EUR and certain non-cash benefits were instituted, although protesters' demands of an additional monthly cash benefit were rejected. In particular, it opposes same-sex marriages or any other form of legal recognition of same-sex couples.

Active homosexuals surely not, in any case", but that homosexuals "should not be discriminated otherwise". We can't agree to it". A Warsaw court later ruled that Kaczynski's actions were illegal.

The council monitored, advised and coordinated government action against racism, discrimination and hate crime. Despite being labeled by many former Western Bloc States as a "nationalist" party, PiS' leadership constantly criticizes being offered such label. PiS opposed the quota system for mass relocation of immigrants proposed by the European Commission to address the European migrant crisis. This contrasted with the stance of their main political opponents, the Civic Platform , which have signed up to the Commission's proposal.

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