Nec 8772 P Datasheet Pdf

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

Sign In Register. Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions. Categories Peter, I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Peter Jakacki Posts: 8, HTTP although it would discover via the dictionary the polling routine?

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HTTP, and this was causing it a lot of grief. FTH The system is now complete. BTW, if you have a running system that performs some kind of initialization at boot-time and you want to add to it or change it then it is best to boot it back up without any active modules running to perform the changes, otherwise start from a clean kernel.

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

I didn't have an Ethernet port to plug into but everything looks ok. Ltech Posts: Now I can start play. Note: 1 you need to put index. Normal site take a blank "GET" automatic to index.

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Before you advice to do reclaim after forget tools. DT " or give some text.

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

You could try dummying that with an IP such as That's something I will check but otherwise non-fatal. Can I make the time out of the ftp longer? Dump: Connecting to server: I get the first entry into the table.

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I get the correct value. However beyond that everything goes sideways. Here is a copy of my log file for the session: Jim. MJB Posts: 1, MJB, Thanks for the reply, the full code is not written thus cannot be published here. What I am attempting to do here is set up a binary search of the table. I was able to find all of the values in the table by entering various index values up to What I was attempting to do was create an easy way to get my next index value.

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Back to the drawing board. Besides even though you haven't done the full code yet, it doesn't stop you developing with what you have, does it? Same for anyone helping. However looking at your log file I see that after the first couple of manual indexing attempts to prove your method you should have created a definition to access the table and taken it from there.

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A general-purpose 32x32 multiply on the P1 is relatively slow As far as I can see there is no problem with the array or code to access it. Surely you have some code to share, even if it is only a few lines. Sorry, I must have missed this post. I'm checking it out now. Hi Jim, I managed to dig up that Altimeter code after I eventually found it so I will look at how it can be implemented based upon PhiPi's excellent documentation.

There's already some bit mixed mode maths in Tachyon but it would be easy enough to fill that in for this requirement.

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In fact there is the built-in F32 floating-point ROM that could be loaded into a cog if need be. However if integer methods are available using a table then that is where it is best to start. The idea is to extend the language as necessary so that the program should be readable and self-commenting.

Figuring out where and how to factor snippets and choosing an apt name is a rewarding art. I will provide some updates to the kernel to extend the bit maths to include simple add and subtract as well, just to help you along.

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

But don't be too worried if some of your routines look a bit "ugly" or inefficient, as long as it works. That's a long time ago, I'd forgotten about that post!

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

You have 65 table entries in your source but the log reveals room for only It could be that when the source is pasted into the terminal that it is dropping some so try increasing the line delay or simply chop those long lines in two.

So make sure it has a CR so that the terminal can add a line delay. Any good code editor will let you choose the type of line ending you want.

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Great Peter, Thanks. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to get this loaded and tested later today or tomorrow. I need to forget my old alt table that will be? Now to move on to completing the binary search of the table. Thanks for all you do. Peter, trying to set up some constants and having issues.

As I read the Glossary Where did the wheels fall off now?

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All TF definitions follow the same format where any values that need to be assigned are placed on the stack prior, and the name of the definition is always after the defining operator. So the??? It was defined as the name of the constant but the value was whatever was on the stack at the time.

FTH source or click the "Use the Forth" logo in my sig and that will take you to the links page where you can find a lot of useful stuff including the Introduction to Tachyon Forth.

The right side of the -- indicates the stack results, in this case it does not pass any result. Once you remember these basic details, that numbers need to be on the stack anytime, sometime, somehow, even on a different line, prior to using the operator, and that the defining operator needs a name immediately after.

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FTH in combination with any glossary etc. Then try it out and make sure it is so. Peter, Mia Culpa, I did take the definition of a constant directly from the Glossary.

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Yes, it makes sense that the data needs to be on the stack before it is named. FTH and put it on my iPad. I skipped 5. Now's the time to make any requests especially at the kernel level.

I haven't touched Tachyon for over a year since I have been sidetracked with P2. New binaries will be added sometime today.

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I tend to forget what I have packed into Tachyon so I made a kind of a features list mainly focusing on hardware interfaces with a few software mentions. I was a bit surprised it did all these things. This is all built-in on the Prop btw, just interact and select what you want at runtime if you want to play. ErNa Posts: 1, ErNa - I noticed this about Joseph Novak: "fighting to have his ideas accepted by peers and the community in the US, while widely accepted in the rest of the world".

It is the part I missed on Tachyon giga information clue before.

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

Nice working tachyon modules, to learn and get in touch. Peter, I went to the drop box folder and downloaded the Spin file for 5r6 and used the prop tool to load it into a new quick start board.

I saved to eeprom and rebooted.

Nec 8772 p datasheet pdf

Thru teraterm I see garbage. Checked baud rate and clock rate see crystal set at 10 MHz changed to 5 MHz and baud down to , Reload eeprom and try again still no joy. Trying to figure where the wheels came off. Just loaded 5r4 into same board and after reset it connects and shows me the cold start no extend greeting, so I know that the board is OK. So I next decided that maybe my problem was in the CON section for clock frequency so I commented out that whole section and copied it over from 5r4.

I added what appears to be the latest Extend and I now have a working 5r6. Sign In or Register to comment.