Pg E Bill Pdf Editor

Pg e bill pdf editor

The PGE Editor is the main development system which allows the creation and editing of levels, worlds and custom game configurations. The editor's most notable features is a multi-document interface MDI which is able to have multiple files open at once.

Development of the editor started in March 24 th , , when Wohlstand presented a first sketch of the editor which was the beginning of the PGE Project.

Pg e bill pdf editor

This dummy application was only able to parse and validate the original SMBX. LVL file format. Later, Wohlstand implemented the function to displaying level contents, however without graphics.

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Starting from version 0. This version could correctly render backgrounds, blocks and background objects BGOs. This version had a multi-configuration system which allowed the use of different content packages without needing to overwrite existing content files. Now, the editor has all the basic features, as well as some additional features which will be necessary and helpful in creating and editing levels, world maps and configuring custom NPC's more conveniently.

The editor has a MDI with dock widgets and a toolbar with additional icons. Here are two modes of MDI:. Editor uses content configuration packages which have difference sets of graphics, musics, sounds, configured items and default editor settings. To take able use PGE Editor you should install even one configuration package. This is a special dialog which show you current state of loaded configuration package. If you was changed something in the configuration package, you can reload them without restarting of editor application.

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After you should reload all opened files to get able see a new changes of configuration package. Each level is devided into sections - separate areas which can have different completely different properties: different background, music, physical environment, size, etc.

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Sections can be added and switched between via the tool-bar by clicking on the numbers. You can see a compass icon which lets you return back to the bottom-left corner of current the section.

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This is useful if you are lost in a huge section. All properties of the current section is available in the special Section Properties toolbox which you can open via the tool-bar icon or in the View menu. In the section properties toolbox you can change special flags, change music, choose custom music from a file file in the interactive mode, change the background of a section and resize the section.

When you press the "Resize" button, you will see a big green rectangle which is an interactive resizer: you can move it, you can drag it's sides and you can crop parts by using the context menu. When you're done resizing you can press the Enter key to accept the changes, or Escape to cancel resizing. You can also see special icons in the tool-bar which you can use for the same purposes.

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Items editing is available by multi-selecting items and using the context menu in order to change their settings. When you're working in selection mode, you're able select multiple items which you can move into another place, copy, paste or remove. A context menu is available, which gives access to the properties of each item. If you open the properties dialog with a selected item group, you are also able to overwrite the properties of all selected items.

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The level editor has a history manager which remember all your actions from an initial state, which is created when opening a file or making a new one. Warps - are a special points which giving teleportation able for players. Warps - alone way to walk between level sections. Warps placing, editing available via special toolbox - Warps and Doors which available by toolbar icon or in the View menu.

Warps presented as list of available warp entries with placed on the level a special points - entranced and exits.

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To place new warp you should add new warp entry and when you need place necessary warp points to the map by pressing to the "Set Entrance" and "Set Exit". If point already placed grayed check-box about is checked and when you will press this button, you will be scrolled to location where this warp point is placed. With context menu you can jump between entrance and exit locations and change some properties. Layers giving able to create group pointer to items which membered to them.

Pg e bill pdf editor

Editing of layers available in the special layers toolbox which available in the view menu or by toolbar icon. You can drag and drop layers in list to make order of them. To rename layer you can use context menu or double click to them. Unlike SMBX, renaming of layers is safe and all connections will be saved with this layer will be updated automatically after renaming of layer.

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Editing of events available in the special events toolbox which available in the view menu or by toolbar icon. Events dialog have a list of available events and toolbox which preferences of events. You can rename events in list by double clicking to them. You can move them inside list to order them like in the layers dialog. Renaming of events are safe too.

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Additional feature which giving able to configure your custom NPC. You can preview it's animation in the special preview box where you will see result of your settings.

When you will change them, result in the preview box will be instantly updated.

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NPC Editor workspace. In the world settings toolbox you can change special flags, edit titles, credits list of episode, etc.

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Toolbox available. Items editing is in the multi-selection dragging with using of context menu to change settings of them. When you working in the selection mode, you have able select multiple items which you can move into another place, copy, paste, remove.

PGE Editor

Available a context menu which giving access to properties of each item. If you was opened properties dialog with selected item group you also have able to overwrite properties of all selected items. World map editor have a history manager which remember all your actions from initial state which begins from opening or creating of new file. Tileset Item Box - is a special flexible and customizable item box which giving able create your own tilesets of items which more convenient to use if you have necessary to make combinations of difference items on the map.

Pg e bill pdf editor

This item box can be opened via View menu where you can found Tileset Item Box menu item. You can change size of it. Limit of size is from 1x1 to 20x20 cells per tileset. Global tilesets - are a special tilesets which listed in the own tabs, which are "categories".

These tilesets saving into folder of configuration package instead of level or world. These tilesets don't using custom graphics, but you can make own tilesets and tileset groups.

For global tilesets available a special tileset group editor which can build common tabs of tilesets.

Pg e bill pdf editor

If folder is not exists, create them! Position bookmarks - is a special useful tool which will remember your last position on the level or world map and will give able return back by alone click to them! Main article: Game Configuration Pack References. Main article: Theme pack for editor. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

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Pg e bill pdf editor