Plastic Free Environment Pdf Free

Plastic free environment pdf free

Check out this infographic to learn how to move away from plastic dependency.

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The Boomerang Alliance in Australia aims to create a healthy pollution free environment for all to enjoy by promoting maximum resource efficiency and zero waste. This can be achieved through the introduction of systemic changes which deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

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Distribution of all known Ocean Trash. They pulled together results from 1, scientific studies on two revealing maps to show exactly where known marine litter is distributed, and how it affects 1, marine species.

Plastic Free Kitchen Essentials! - 11 Eco Friendly Products to Reduce Plastic Waste

Do you Know Where Your Litter is? We cannot take our marine environment for granted, nor treat it carelessly. We suggest you print it on 80 gloss or cover recycled paper for best reproduction and quality. Marine Litter - Vital Graphics. Plastic litter in our oceans is one area where we need to learn more, and we need to learn it quickly.


Another important message is that we already know enough to take action. Infographic from 5 Gyres about microbeads and their journey from face to fish. Microbeads are present in cleansing products as exfoliating particles and are designed to wash down the drain. However the waste treatment systems are not able to capture these synthetic particles due to their tiny size.

Learn about their drastic effects on marine life and our environment. Ocean Pollution Map.

Plastic free environment pdf free

First of a kind map showing ocean pollution - National Geographic, July P ay for Plastics Trial - Indonesia. This infographic lays out the immensity of the ocean plastic problem in detail, explaining how plastic breaks down and causes harm to the marine environment.

The North Pacific gyre is just one of several swirling trash zones gyres in our oceans where a lot of plastic litter ends up.

Plastic free environment pdf free

The reality of what they are and how they got there is extremely harmful to marine life. Where to they go? Eunomia is one of the leading research organizations focusing on the sources and impacts of waste in the marine environment. We have undertaken a range of studies in this area, investigating the sources, pathways and impacts of marine litter, and exploring the effectiveness of preventative and removal measures.

Plastic free environment pdf free

Since its inception, plastic has found its way into our homes and work lives more than most of us recognize. But when it comes to buying, cooking and storing food, plastic is pervasive.

Hundreds of studies have linked plastic to harmful side effects. And while the amount of chemicals leaching from plastics may be small, it has not been proven safe.

Thankfully, there are a number of safer alternative materials including ceramics, glass, stainless steel, cotton, wood, and more. Learn how to choose non-plastic swaps for common plastic items such as food storage containers, ice packs, plastic wrap and produce bags.

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Global modelling inputs of plastic from rivers to the marine environment. The Maritime Industry. Whilst these people are denied their basic human right to safe water, we are not only permitting but are actively contributing to the commercialization of water by buying bottles.

These corporations take water from needy countries and sell it to those who already have it.

Avoid this corruption and pollution, and drink tap water wherever possible. Many of the most commonly found pieces of trash include items we use every day from food wrappers to beverage containers to plastic bags.

Boomerang Alliance - Plastic Does Not Go Away The Boomerang Alliance in Australia aims to create a healthy pollution free environment for all to enjoy by promoting maximum resource efficiency and zero waste.

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