Podstawy Fotowoltaiki Sarniak Pdf Converter

Podstawy fotowoltaiki sarniak pdf converter

Renewable Energy. Volume 91, June, , doi Energy Procedia. Volume 57, , s.


XXXI, z. Konferencja Netmark Dom Ekologiczny From the studies conducted so that the test fitness photovoltaic period from November to February has generated kWh of electricity which is approx. In order to develop depending on the binding efficiency of each photovoltaic systems mono and polycrystalline and amorphous was developed in the program Statistica regression models for which the input variables was the intensity of solar radiation and the operating temperature of the panels.

Keywords: photovoltaic system, modeling the conversion of solar radiation, renewable sources of energy, meteorological conditions. Prenumerata Szanowny Kliencie! Rekomenduj znajomym. The authors doubts, related to the electromagnetic environment protection, are presented.

Podstawy fotowoltaiki sarniak pdf converter

Protection standards are often too complex and not always supported by the knowledge, the basic research does not fulfill basic technical requirements, results of the measurements presentations do not include any analysis of the measuring errors, usually there is no any institution that would express a help to exposed people and the others.

This paper presents the design of one-phase transformer with the windings made of second generation of HTS tapes.

Rozwiązanie układowe podwyższające napięcie z baterii fotowoltaicznych

The no-load operation and transformer short-circuit measurement characteristics were deleted from the measurements. The values of short-circuit impedance, its components and power losses were specified. In closing remarks comments were made on the designing of superconductor transformers and operational conclusions. Keywords: transformer, superconductivity, HTS tapes. Introduction The first attempts to design superconductor transformers were taken in s, when superconductors, at that time still low temperature, became easily available.

High prices of superconductors and necessity to cool them down to temperature of 4. These problems were limited by the discovery of high temperature conductivity in At present the superconducting transformers are one of the most promising applications of superconductors [1] [2].

The most useful property of superconductors, from the perspective of their use in transformer windings, is the ability to conduct high currents at very low power losses [3]. Atef S. The paper describes a way for providing induction motor diagnostic in case of motor fed using frequency converter, when additional distortions caused by pulse-width modulation could affect the diagnostic result.

It is proposed to use preliminary clarification of current and voltage signals, aimed to exclude from consideration harmonics caused by pulse-width modulation, with further re-computation of power spectra using discrete convolution algorithm.

To ensure their safety and reliability, it is essential to provide diagnostics of IM technical conditions. Traditional diagnostic techniques determine suspension of production, and partly disassembling of IM along with harmful testing operations.

Thus, alternative diagnostic techniques become popular last years. These techniques allows one to provide diagnostic under operational conditions, they are not harmful for equipment, have well-grounded theoretical basis and provide reliable results. This article contains a description of a data acquisition system that enables simultaneous recording of selected human physiological signals, resulting from brain electrical activity, eye movement, facial expression and skin-galvanic reaction.

Introduction Analysis and recognition of human emotions is a current research topic, on which a number of scientists are working. The topic is important because proper recognition of emotions can be useful in improving man-machine interaction and in designing effective user interfaces [1]. Recognition of emotions is also used in testing emotional reactions of consumers to marketing content.

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Studies on emotions are also an important subject within cognitive and clinical psychology [2]. Information about the emotional state of a person can be read from various physiological signals. In this paper, a proposition of touchless typing interface operated by head movements is proposed. It is designed for users with motor impairments unable to operate the standard computer input devices but able to move their heads.


The interface has a form of single row alphabetical keyboard operated through left and right directional head movements and up and down head rotary movements.

To accelerate the typing the interface is adapting by limiting the set of next characters. The initially typed phrase is dictionary checked for possible complements. Keywords: human-computer interaction, touchless typing, gesture typing, gesture interaction, virtual keyboard. Introduction Head operated interfaces can be defined as touchless interaction interfaces where manipulation is achieved by a form of head movements. These interfaces may also focus directly on user's face or facial features.

Head operated interfaces are of particular importance for physically challenged people who are unable to operate the standard computer input devices.

Particularly the influence of passive metallic knee implant on the distribution of eddy currents is examined. Thus, it can be concluded that the presence of metallic implant does not influence the therapeutic effect. Article describes the experience of the practical use of widely available software to support the process of designing power supply and power distribution systems in industrial electric power systems.

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Research has indicated advantages, but also disadvantages of analyzed computer programs. The theme of the article is to check the impact of electromagnetic radiation on vital functions of bacteria Bacillus subtilis and its ability to produce spores. The essence of the model of the control system is illustrated in the block diagrams. The quality of control was evaluated using integral indicators. Results of the computer simulation model of the control system were analyzed. Keywords: induction furnace, control system, simulation model.

Podstawy fotowoltaiki sarniak pdf converter

The paper presents the classification of superconducting fault current limiters. In particular the principle of construction and operations of superconducting current limiter of transformer type is presented. Functional physical model of such a limiter, designed, manufactured in the Laboratory of Superconducting Technologies of Institute of Electrical Engineering. The paper presents the results of experimental research and the analysis of the impact of the secondary winding limiter on the performance of superconducting current limiters of a transformer type and the conclusions from the analysis are introduced.

Keywords: superconductivity, limiting of short circuit current, transformer type superconducting fault current limiter, the impact of secondary winding impedance.

Introduction Superconducting fault current limiters - SFCL are composed of superconducting elements of alternating impedance, being connected in series in an electrical circuit [1], [2]. In this paper the authors attempt to perform the analysis of the thermographic images of thin metal layers obtained in PVD physical vapor deposition process as the part of the working textronic system.

The authors also briefly characterize algorithms applied in data classification: algorithm k medium, COBWEB algorithm and the grouping algorithm. The identification of defects of thin film structures using image recognition algorithms are presented.

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Introduction Textronics is one of the most modern areas of scientific research. One of the methods of validation of working of conductive elements which are an integral part of their studies might be infrared measurement. Analysis of thermographic images can be done using grouping algorithms.

The main task of image recognition is to extract membership of different types of objects to certain classes. It may therefore be used in the absence of a priori information on the objects belonging to the various classes. The only usable information is the information contained in the learning sequence. The process of image recognition can be divided according to the way of inference into feature-based recognition and model-based recognition.

Modern wireless communications systems require more and more wide band in order to transport fast data streams. In those systems it is necessary to use ultra-wide band antennas. In the article the microstrip antenna with metamaterial property has been presented.

Keywords: ultra-wideband antenna, dielectric basis, metamaterial, microstrip patch antenna. The article presents a model of the drive with a permanent magnet synchronous machine. In the drive control system was applied a fuzzy speed controller. The general formula of the rule base for the fuzzy controller with dual structure was presented. The simulation tests of the drive were carried out during start-up, changing load torque and reverse.

The results of simulation research were presented as the time characteristics of the stator current, the rotor speed, the electromagnetic torque and the DC bus voltage. Keywords: electric drive, permanent magnet synchronous machine, fuzzy logic controller.


Introduction Permanent magnet synchronous motors PMSM are typically used for high-performance and high-efficiency motor drives in various industry branches and in transport. A higher energy efficiency as compared to that of induction motors results mainly from a different construction of the rotor.

Article shows theoretical aspects of coexistence of IEEE In second part of article there were shown measurements of different transmission parameters allowing to evaluate the influence one network to the other. Investigations of influence the wireless computer network on ZigBee measurement system. Keywords: ZigBee, WiFi, transmission delays, coexistence of wireless networks. This article provides the outcomes of in vitro tests which were aimed at finding the impact of constant magnetic field on apoptosis of human leukemia cell line HL The tests were carried out with the use of a test bed that was designed and built in the Laboratory for Research of EMF Hazards and Bioelectromagnetism of Wroclaw University of Technology.

Keywords: constant DC magnetic field, in vitro, HL cell, apoptosis. Preliminary results of investigations on correlation between errors caused by delays and other errors in a measuring and control system has been presented in the paper.

Podstawy fotowoltaiki sarniak pdf converter

The correlation coefficient is an important parameter of errors which has to be taken into account in the process of their composition for data inaccuracy determination in the system. In the analysis and design of galvanic corrosion protection systems the boundary element method BEM has been used most successfully, because of ease in the development of models, speed in the analysis and accuracy of the results.

Rozwiązanie układowe podwyższające napięcie z baterii fotowoltaicznych

In this paper it is described the method of computation of current density field in bodies composed of materials of different conductivity and potential distribution on the boundary. The determination of current density distribution, its dependence on structure geometry is also considered. This enables us to apply adequate galvanic corrosion protecting system.

Introduction The economical importance of galvanic corrosion causes that large amounts of capital and engineering time be invested in the design and construction of protection systems such as cathodic and anodic protection.

Galvanic corrosion is the result of the electrochemical reaction between two dissimilar metals in electrochemical contact when they are in electrolyte. Cathodic protection is one of the more frequently used methods of corrosion prevention.

Podstawy fotowoltaiki sarniak pdf converter

The paper presents the procedure of electric arc furnace secondary circuit calculations.