Pound Foolish Epub To Pdf

Pound foolish epub to pdf

Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

In most cases, it is simply a lack of belief. For the past few decades, Americans have spent billions of dollars on personal finance products.

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In this meticulously reported and shocking book, journalist and former financial columnist Helaine Olen goes behind the curtain of the personal finance industry to expose the myths, contradictions, and outright lies it has perpetuated. She shows how an industry that started as a response to the Great Depression morphed into a behemoth that thrives by selling us products and services that offer little if any help.

Pound foolish epub to pdf

Disciplined investing will make you rich: Gurus also love to show how steady investing can turn modest savings into a huge nest egg at retirement.

But these calculations assume a healthy market and a lifetime without any setbacks—two conditions that have no connection to the real world. Women need extra help managing money: Product pushers often target women, whose alleged financial ignorance supposedly leaves them especially at risk.

Pound foolish epub to pdf

Not only is there little evidence this is true, the entire movement is largely funded and promoted by the financial services sector. Weaving together original reporting, interviews with experts, and studies from disciplines ranging from behavioral economics to retirement planning,Pound Foolish is a compassionate and compelling book that will change the way we think and talk about our money.

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Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

She lives in New York City with her family. Follow her on Twitter at helaineolen. Books Library. Book author: Helaine Olen. Published: Nov 20, Reviews: Get download links. Our system has detected that your browser probably does not support JavaScript.

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Pound foolish epub to pdf

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Pound Foolish

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Pound foolish epub to pdf

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