Recreational Terror Pinedo Pdf To Excel

Recreational terror pinedo pdf to excel

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. They illuminate the insights and limitations of critical theories that describe, explain and politicize the phenomena of war culture. Traversing both national and intellectual borders, authors from a wide range of fields and disciplines collectively examine the articulation of war, its everyday practices, and its impact on individuals and societies throughout modern history.

Kerner, Aaron Michael. ISBN hardcover : alk. Horror films—United States—History and criticism. Torture in motion pictures. Sadism in motion pictures.

Title PN H6K44 79i. The subsequent wars lasting more than a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan will certainly be recorded in history as one of our darker moments. In the same way that the slasher films of the s and s demonstrated a deep-seated fear of female sexuality as explored by Carol Clover, Barbara Creed, and others , revealing a veiled truth within patriarchal culture, in certain instances torture porn films expose our own abject nature and our violent disposition.

In a somewhat ironic twist, some of those very same critics and scholars now cannot fathom what torture porn films, which supposedly host such nihilistic violence, are about.

And if we treat torture porn as an archeologist does an excavation site, then, these films begin to disclose something about us. Torture porn in certain instances effectively pulls back the curtain to reveal the naked truth of what we both fear and desire. Torture porn narratives might express a desire for security at any expense, while also negotiating the dreadful realization that the American regime enlists brutal tactics namely torture to maintain this security.

Many of the films discussed here are quite accessible, others less so. This book would not be possible without it. We would frequently discuss progress on the book, and he was always a great sounding board. I am deeply indebted to Jonathan Knapp, who read an early version of the book and helped to shape it.

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My fall Film Aesthetics graduate seminar functioned as a research workshop for the present volume—I owe a great deal to all my students. Throughout the volume, individual contributions are acknowledged.

Recreational terror pinedo pdf to excel

For this impulse had not been laid bare in its political manifestation, since even when the revolutionary mass beat to death, drowned, hanged, pilloried, burned, and raped, it always did so in the name of the sovereign people.

His wound is allowed to fester for days on end; it oozes and produces a pungent odor. He is held in a bare and dark room for an undetermined time.

His only contact is with his captors, who take turns berating him and peppering him with threats. Imagine another scene: a man imprisoned in a cell six feet long, three feet wide, a low ceiling, and closed off by a heavy metal door; virtually no light penetrates this space save a small crack in the ceiling that lets a faint beam of light through.

Imprisoned in this space for weeks, during the first two weeks of his captivity he is routinely beaten and whipped. The first scene is an account of the treatment of John Walker Lindh, the so-called American Taliban fighter captured in Afghanistan, at the hands of his American captors.

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The latter scene just described is an account of the Syrian-born Maher Arar. En route to Canada—Arar is a Canadian citizen—U. We send them to other countries so they can kick the shit out of them.

Torture and violence are certainly not new phenomena; rather, what is different here is that our violent disposition has been publicly exposed.

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New technology—digital photography, Internet distribution—makes keeping secrets a far more difficult task. Horror has played host to other uncanny themes. Torture porn does not coddle its spectators. In torture porn, victims are typically confined or otherwise imprisoned in some fashion.

They are not merely subjected to savage physical brutality but are also tormented emotionally and psychologically, for instance, in films such as Captivity, Tl:e Strangers, and Chained. In some instances, victims are compelled to perpetrate acts of violence against others in a bid to save their own lives , faced with some sort of grievous choice usually involving bodily mutilation, as in The Final, the Saw franchise, The Experiment, and Choose.

Whether we are speaking of real-world violence or the fictional worlds that reflect it, one does not have to look far to see that there is nothing new here. The effect was to induce the sensation of asphyxiation by drowning. And yet many senior policy makers during the prosecution of the War on Terror deny that waterboarding is torture.

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Real-world violence informs the visual culture of torture porn. This is all self-evident; one need not look any further than the surface of the image to recognize the semblance between the real world as depicted in SOP and torture porn. What is particularly striking, though, are the highly stylized cinematic and audio elements in SOP that, taken on their own, could quite easily be mistaken for shots in one of the installments in the Saw franchise.

Morris clearly sympathizes with the low-ranking men and women that took the fall for higher-ranking officers and other government agencies conducting interrogations at the prison. They are not the antagonists of the SOP narrative, but they are not exactly the heroes of the narrative either. And like Jigsaw in the Saw franchise, they appear to occupy a space somewhere in between—pro an tagonists.

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Morris uses diegetic and nondiegetic sound for dramatic effect this is what cinema does, even documentaries—no revelation here. Photography is not necessarily a featured trope of torture porn, but it does materialize in some of the films in the genre.

Recreational terror pinedo pdf to excel

For instance, one of the victims in the first installment of the Saw franchise, Adam, is a photographer, and he uses his photographic flash to navigate through his unlit apartment.

Electrical wire is wrapped around his index and middle fingers. Although the wires were completely harmless, he was told that he would be electrocuted if he stepped off his box. The manner in which Morris uses the flooded screen— washed out in white—as an editing device is characteristic of the Saw films and of the torture porn genre in general. One of the distinct traits of torture porn is the containment of violence in hermetic spaces, and the interviews in SOP strangely replicate this.

While Morris sits in one room, his interviewee sits in another. The effect here illuminates the divide between the space that the interviewee occupies and Morris; in a strange sense, it is almost as if Krol is looking through a small opening in a jailhouse door, apparently groping to identify people in a photograph that Morris is holding up for him to see.

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The power differential is in this case fairly evident, but it is also evident in the ways in which Krol is presented—in a position to-be-seen, isolated, a subject of interrogation. In many of the Saw films, a video monitor—though it does not open a line of two-way communication, as does the Interrotron—mediates spaces in which victims play their violent games the use of video to mediate events is actually a trait common to a number of torture porn films.

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At the end, though, what the Interrotron does is locate discrete spaces, an inside and an 1. I do not expect that Morris ever intended to replicate the aesthetics of the torture porn genre.

Recreational terror pinedo pdf to excel

While these basic aesthetic tropes cross multiple genres—just as likely to be found in nonfiction as they are in police procedurals, thrillers, or torture porn— what sets these scenarios apart is their narrative contextualization or lack of it , and this begins to approach the reasoning for the critical ire heaped on torture porn. It sucks. I hate all that torture porn shit.

I think he kills people very creatively. Edelstein also resents being made complicit in the acts of brutal violence.

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Self maintains that, during the infamous torture sequence of the bound policeman, the subjective shots are impossible to place: does the victim, the accomplice, or the sadist conducting the torture own the gaze? One of the issues, I would posit, is that of critical paradigms—where conventional modes of cinematic assessment e. The cinema of attractions expends little energy creating characters with psychological motivations or individual personality.

Should all films be expected to adhere to the conventions of narrative? Though Edelstein never says as much, he objects to torture porn due to his unstated prejudice against the cinema of attractions and a privileging of literary narrative conventions.

Recreational terror pinedo pdf to excel

The pornographic regime is discussed at length in the following chapter. The vignettes of violence in horror films and not just torture porn have been compared to the song-and-dance numbers in the musical genre; Cynthia Freeland, in her discussion of the Hellraiser films, does exactly that.

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In torture porn, satisfactory resolutions are few and far between, whether it is within the discrete torture number, which usually ends with the rending of a body, or the narrative as a whole.

In musical numbers, the channels of sensation are loaded up with aural and visual stimulus; on display are bodies that gyrate, writhe in pain, contort, and are thrown into ecstatic motion—bodies that wail, howl, and scream. In these moments, narrative progression slows down, and much of this holds true for torture porn; however, the visceral numbers in torture porn are not devoid of meaning but rather potentially connect the viewing body into the complex and even contradictory narratives regarding the American sadistic disposition.

If a pornographic film exhibits any narrative pretense, this is secondary at best and, at its worst, frustrating, as it interferes with the express intent of the pornographic genre.

At least, this is how Edelstein apparently views it. Roth draws visual parallels between the Amsterdam brothel that the two male protagonists, Josh and Paxton along with Oli, their Icelandic buddy , patronize and the Slovakian torture facility in the latter part of the narrative.

In both cases, there is the ratcheting up of tension that eventually ends in the discharge of bodily fluids. While torture porn outlines the choreography of the pornographic genre, it is nowhere near as graphic as most critics and detracting scholars have suggested.

the popular culture studies journal

But is this the only criterion on which to assess film? Is it then possible to critically approach cinema from a different paradigm? And if we accept that the literary narrative is the critical paradigm on which to assess a film such as Hostel, then Edelstein is absolutely correct in his assessment. Torture porn does not rely on narrative per se, as it is about spectacle, about excessive violence and the body.

And there is no need to be coy here; many of the films in the genre are crass kitsch, but this does not make them somehow illegitimate. I, on the other hand, feel no compulsion to apologize for it. And as a consequence, film critics who review torture porn films through the lens of narrative find them deficient.

Recreational terror pinedo pdf to excel

Jeremy Morris reminds us too that torture in cinema is not limited to the horror genre. If someone deserves to be tortured and killed, then we do not object when they are. George A. And this certainly might be true of some films the television program 24 can certainly be read in these terms. Newman does not explain. One of the most frightful things that we might experience is violence without context. Torture porn is, of course, littered with context when one is open to it; however, when film critics and scholars are so beholden to the canonized figures of horror and the conventions of narrative, they fail to recognize the paradigmatic shift that has occurred in the genre.

Saw, for instance, is actually quite narrative heavy. There is in fact little gore in the first film; director James Wan, after watching a fine cut of the film, lamented that he had made a PG drama and went back to shoot close-ups e.

Furthermore, those who vociferously hail that torture porn signifies the moral corruption of the United States or that the end-times are upon us are misdirecting their energy.