Revit Curtain Wall Window Schedule Pdf

Revit curtain wall window schedule pdf

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Revit curtain wall window schedule pdf

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Revit curtain wall window schedule pdf

Login to Give a bone. I created this elevation using Curtain Walls with rectangular mullions. Is it possible to create a window schedule for these "windows" which the model recognizes as curtain walls?

Revit curtain wall window schedule pdf

Any tips? Reply With Quote. One option would be to change the glazed panels to any wall type that you wish, then insert windows that are the same size as the panels in the "wall panels".

Then you can schedule the windows. For each type of curtain wall you use as a "window" type a word "Window" in Description field of the curtain wall type parameters.

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Then create a schedule, add the field you want, don't forget Description field, and filter the schedule by the "Window" of the Description field. Hope it will help. I've had this same question for a while now.

Revit curtain wall window schedule pdf

While at AU, I asked the question to one presenter and the answer was a little bit over my head. He mentioned that it is possible to change the way the curtain wall is categorized in the schedules so that it reads as a window. Could anyone expand on this point? Or is that exactly what "ekurbatov" was describing?

Also, in my project, we're using exclusively storefront systems and do not have any traditional "windows". I've already created a wall schedule and filtered out all non-curtain walls. Could I just use this as my window schedule in this situation? Originally Posted by brd.

Doors and Windows on Curtain Walls in Revit

That's how you set the Category after the fact, or how you, say, make a roof-hosted element into a Window Thanks for the help guys!

Jeffrey I think you were the one I asked at the conference, so thanks again. You can do a multicategory schedule and include some sort of parameter to filter by.

Scott D. Hi Jeffrey I did as you suggested, saved a existing curtain wall panel as new file, and then try to set family category as window.

This option was not available, only curtain wall panel, what am i doing wrong?

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Revit curtain wall window schedule pdf

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