Santo Tinapay Ng Buhay Pdf Printer

Santo tinapay ng buhay pdf printer

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Santo tinapay ng buhay pdf printer

A united Germany with its people speaking iiverse dialects w is only solved by making one of them the standard and from the rest enriching it, making it the virile expression of national consciousness. The world has seen no strong nation adopt the language of another people; still lass that of a rnce alien in thought, feeling, speech and habit. May it meet with success, and that each successive edition be a vast improvement on the pre- ceding one, is the ear. It contains words used in everyday life and is very practical.

It is a mixture of the different Philippine dialects with the Tagalog as basis.

SANTO (By: Îñtsîk ßägüiö)

Most of the words, of course, are Tagalog, but a large number also are taken from the Bisayan, ilokano, BiKol, Pampangan and other native dialects, all of which are Tagnlized. Most of the technical terms have been taken direct- ly from their primitive sources, Greek and Latin, the Filipinization of which and that of their derivatives have been made complete through the natural linguistic mechanism of Tagalog and Bisayan. As to this, all the p. In this work the copiousness and great impor ance of Lakan- Dulas tOhgue have been demonstrated in order that it may be the foundation of a national speech rich and vigorous.

Santo tinapay ng buhay pdf printer

Part II also forms a separate book and is based on the English Grammar. Both parts together arc dedicated to the students of the Filipino and English languages, and I firmly believe that in the making of this vocabulary, which was compiled during five years of philolo:;:ical studies of English at d the cultivated Philippine tongues, I have contributed somewhat to the national culture of my beloved native country.

Paul L. Stanifl, B. Mga bisig. Gut, tripe, in- testine. Biyas ng bintl, Shinbone, arm. A lay. Bitis, binti. Bubdng ng paa. Bukong-bukong Ankle. Butit, kalam- Calf of the leg. Nape, cervix. Buko ng daliri. Joint or knuckle Balakang.

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Skull, cranium. Clavicle, the Bumbunan. Top of the head. Buhok, balahibo. Grinder, molar Katawan. Body [of a man tooth. Molars, or back Kalingkingan. Little finger. Kamao, galang- Wrist Bibig. Mga kanuiy. Lit id. Shin, shinbone. Mga daliri.

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Daliri ng-dato. Dal i ring-sing- Ring-finger. Daliri ng pa a.

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Mga daliri riji Toes. Mga paa.

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Palm of the Dila. Dihdih, Breast, chest. Spine, aclc-' Pisngi. Pitlungan, alak- - Ham. Buttock; hip. Gutil, tilavv. Glottis, gorge. Puson, udyong. Ngalangala, Palate. Puwit, buldit. Mga ngipin. F rre-finger, in- Sikmura. Jaw-bone, man- Il 5ng. Mga la hi.

Santo tinapay ng buhay pdf printer

Talampakan, Sole of the foot. Lam ad. La was. Body [of man, Tadyang. Tag] li ran.

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Lalamunan, ak- Throat. Mga tuliod. I Ugat. I Utak sabuto. I Utak [sa ulo. Mga ihdfiff ha- OtJier thhigs be- gay na ukol longing to sa tao, man. A rang. Mga babai. Bating lalaki, bira. Batang babai, ining. Bata, sanggol.

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Mga bata, mga sanggol. Buy on, bah ay- kanin. Kabinataan, ka- bagongtaulian Kadalagahan. Boy, girl. Matrix, womb.

Santo tinapay ng buhay pdf printer

Young man. Young men, , youth. Young ladies. Mga kilit. Dalaga, Diwa. Dunang tao. Gumi, balbas.

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Iskeleto, kalan-. Mga lalaki. Pangalan, nga- lan. Mga sanggol. Takibata, ka sibulan. Ulila, Ulay, birgen. Utad, litid, Walang asawa. Walang ban a.

Santo tinapay ng buhay pdf printer

Young lady; vir- gin. Human being.

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Old man, old person.