Shin Nihongo 500 Mon Pdf Download

Shin nihongo 500 mon pdf download

Shin nihongo 500 mon pdf download

We are starting to come down to the last couple of months before the December test and a lot of people always ask me what they can do in these final weeks before the exam to help prep for the main event.

I like to use this time before the test to do a lot of review, something that I call sword sharpening because I think it is important to go into the test being confident of what you know. Part of that sword sharpening process is taking a practice test. I do this for a few reasons.

新にほんご500問 N4-N5 | Shin Nihongo 500 Mon N4-N5

First, it will obviously show you what you are weak in. For example, if you take the test and time it out, you might find that you are spending way too much time on the reading section or not enough time on vocabulary.

The JEES, the organization that is in charge of creating and administering the JLPT, put out a practice test for each of the new tests in when the new test was first administered. These were pretty handy, but they had one small problem.

Most of the sections only had 2 questions in them. They gave you a good idea of what the test was like, but not the whole picture.

Shin Nihongo 500 Mon Series Review (新にほんご500問)

This year JEES released official workbooks for each of the levels of the exams. Being that they are published from the very organization that puts on the test, my guess is that these are pretty accurate in terms of level and also what the test is going to cover. These official practice workbooks are actually a conglomeration of questions from the past two years tests and , so it is kind of like getting a Frankenstein version of the past tests.

All in all, they are a really valuable resource to have at your disposal. I personally use all of these on a daily basis and highly recommend them.

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Anyway, I made some notes for the N5 workbook and did some other handy work with it to help you get a better score on the test. I hope to get them all out by early I should note one thing though.

Using Shin Nihongo 500 Mon

On the official website they say that these workbooks have almost the same number of questions as the real test. When I was looking through the N5 workbook, all the questions seemed to be there, but there might be some missing from a section. I separated out the 4 audio files for each section into separate tracks for each question.

This way it is a little bit easier to review with. Each track is labeled with the corresponding section and question number. I even included the break in case you love that awesome muzak they play. The grammar guide includes tips and common mistakes to look out for when taking the test. Each chapter includes a video explanation, clear grammar explanations, several example sentences, and JLPT-style questions. Sign up today and get started on the right path.

Nihongo Mon — Beginner.

The Official JLPT N5 Practice Workbook

This is a great book of problems that tests you over kanji, vocabulary, and grammar for N5 and N4. What I like about it is that you answer 3 questions and then flip the page and see how you did with detailed feedback about each question.

It is really helpful to check what you are missing. Japanese Pod has a 6 lesson last minute prep course for the test as well as additional practice tests.

Also, their lessons are sorted by grammar points, so if you are having problems with a particular point, it is a great place to focus in on the one point that is giving you some trouble. I hope this workbook helps you score better on the test.

Shin nihongo 500 mon pdf download

Download it today and give it a try. Let me know in the comments how well you did. I had no idea these were available for free! But then again, I think it was about yen. I found the N2 to be pretty accurate.

The grammar and listening were maybe -slightly- easier for me than the real test, but the reading was actually a bit more difficult.

Recommended for you if:

Paper or not, I recommend this practice test too. Yeah, I bought the N1 for myself as well.

Japanese JLPT Exam Preparation Books that could change your life - N5,4,3,2,1

Paper is still occasionally useful for taking notes on and such. But, yeah, these are an awesome resource for anyone taking the exam, and they are kind of buried on the official site, like a hidden treasure. Im really happy about this site! Thanks a lot for the help and for your generosity of giving us tips and copies of the workbooks and guides!

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Your really great! They are an amazing resource.

Shin Nihongo 500 Mon JLPT N4 - N5

I hope it helps you out. Are the downloads at the official web same as the hard copy? Do they have everything in the Hard copy?

To the best of my knowledge they are the exact same. The only advantage of the hard copy is that it is more portable and you can write on it and take notes, etc… but basically the same thing. I see..

Nihongo 500 mon chuukyuu for JLPT N2-N3

Thanks for checking! You are right. It is indeed 2. My eyes must have went blurry when i did this, it was around 2am.

Then Came the Official Workbooks

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu. This really help. I have search for a long time but never expect the learning subtances to be free. I will try my best for JLPT. Wish me luck! I have experience of romaji-Japanese for some years and finally decided to learn the writing systems too. My problem is, that the material you offer is so overwhelming — different anki-decks, commented and uncommented workbooks and mock tests etc. I would say to start off, you should pick up a good textbook like Minna No Nihongo or Genki, and practice vocabulary with Anki or Memrise at the same time.

These workbooks and practice tests are great for the final stretch before the exam about a month or so before so that you can find your weaknesses and refocus your studies. I saw that the book contains 89 pages, is that only one exam like in the zip file? The zip file should contain everything important from the printed book. I have the paper version of the N1 and it looks like they have some added information about the test like, a can-do list and how many questions are in each section for each level of the test all things that can be found on the main site jlpt.

This workbook is the same one that is available for free on their site as well.

The Shin Nihongo 500 Mon series

I just added notes and broke up the audio. So in theory everything should be the same. Thanks so much for your website and all your help.

Shin nihongo 500 mon pdf download

It seems that for the N5 there are 33 vocabulary questions and 32 grammar questions, making 65 in total. Could you give some insight? Thanks again for everything!

Shin nihongo 500 mon pdf download

Um, well, it is bit hard to explain quickly, but let me try to give you a brief overview as to how the scoring works. It takes those thousands of patterns and sorts them from most correct to least correct and then assigns a score based on where your particular answer pattern falls.

Thanks before, Mac. Im going to look over this cool site of yours, maybe till I get through N1 exam. This is a pretty complicated question. Certain questions are worth more than others, generally speaking. Obviously the quick response questions are worth a lot less than others. Sorry this was late. Surviving on my dinky iPhone at the moment. Thank you so much for this! This is super awesome.

I learned basic Japanese language for my 3rd language class and now I want to learn Japanese properly with certificates. It really comes in handy if you are skilled in Japanese. One Japanese recruiter told me they would definitely hire who passed N2. N2 is pretty high level, but if you keep at it, you should have no problems. The biggest thing is to get used to reading as soon as you can.

Shin Nihongo 500 Mon - JLPT N4 - N5 lesson structure:

Try to pick up some native books once you get past N4. Until N4, you should probably stick to textbooks. I look forward to hearing about your success! Can I know what is the tips to pass jlpt N5 in one month times ,if I am vry weak now? Hope u will reply and thanks in advance. Thank you so much, your web is incredible, helps me a lot.