Shrink Shrank Shrunk Pdf To Excel

Shrink shrank shrunk pdf to excel

Steps: 1.

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Take a word document, letter size - 8. Print it as pdf, open the pdf 3.

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Print word document to a printer 4. Print the PDF document to the printer. Compare the both prints - 6.

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I want to get same printer output from the both use cases. Why pdf shrinks the page in the preview and prints smaller?

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How to enforce print original size like the microsoft word? Thanks RJ. These forums are now Read Only. If you have an Acrobat question, ask questions and get help from one of our experts.

Printing shrinks the content

Printing shrinks the content. Registered: May 31 Posts: 5.

Shrink shrank shrunk pdf to excel

My Product Information: Acrobat Pro Registered: Jun 28 Posts: What version of Word are you using? Typically Word using whatever printer you have selected as the default to layout the document; therefore you'll get different results based on whatever print driver you have selected.

Shrink shrank shrunk pdf to excel

Have you tried selected the Adobe PDF printer as your default? Lori, Thanks for the reply. I guess I was not clear in the previous post: I printed the document using adobe pdf and then tried sending the document to printer.

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I compared the outputs from the printer, one sent thru word and the other thru Adobe pdf document. I got some more information on the print mismatch: It appears adobe for some reason adjusting the margins of a document.

If the margin is small may be smaller than one inch on the document, then it is scaling down the content. It is important to remember, Word don't have any issues in printing the document with the original margins on the document.

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I tested with a sample document by maintaining one inch margin on all four sides of the document then the print from Word and print from abode are exact match. Are the margins in your PDF correct? Again thanks for the reply. I measured the margins on PDF and they match exactly as specified in Word.

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I am trying to print Booklet format in adobe so I have no control whatsoever over the scaling or margins in abode. There should be a way to control margins adobe sending to the printer.

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When I click the 'Page Setup' I do not see any custom settings. And the margins are grayed out to one inch, pretty confusing. Dov Isaacs. Registered: Nov 21 Dov, I am doing the booklet printing, so the scale is not available.

Shrink shrank shrunk pdf to excel

Is there any way I can upload an image here to illustrate the problem? Accepted Answer. Thanks for taking initiation to file it.

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I finally able to get the desired output, in a roundabout way: 1. By doing so, Adobe using no scaling. Previous step creates one more PDF with booklet layout 4. This way Abode keeping everything as we see on the screen.