Solitaire Chess Pandolfini Pdf Reader

Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

Interactive chess books and interactive chess columns, that feature questions on positional assessments or tactical calculation placed at critical moments of an illustrative game, have been a perennial favorite with the chess student for many years.

Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

This method as an education tool is a simple one — motivation to learn and excel. The student accumulates points awarded for their best chess guess and clear explanations follow in the text as to why your answer is correct, second-best, or a blunder.

Test Your Chess author Franco believes strongly in this form of self-training. Franco relates that much of his own chess mastery is a result of the question and answer, point accumulation method.

Solitaire Chess (ThinkFun) Review & Play Along!

Franco has had an illustrious and long chess playing career, is an accomplished author, and a much sought after trainer. But in Test Your Chess there is much more than in his previous work.

Franco guides the reader through the drama and intensity of each game so that you are experiencing the full value of the interactive approach of training.

In this he exceeds expectations. Franco has chosen games that demonstrate and emphasize a particular theme. He showcases lesser known games that, frankly, should be more well-known.

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Always something new, something interesting in the games Franco selects: beautiful variations, imperfections, classic technique and a whole of lot of instruction value. Points are awarded for selecting the best moves and are deducted for blunders.

Test Your Chess (Ebook)

Franco does make use of chess engines Rybka, Houdini, and Fritz to check older annotations and his own notes. In the ebook version, each game grouped by thematic content and the reader will be able to navigate will tremendous ease back and forth.

Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

If you are using the Everyman Chess Viewer app for Apple or Android devices, you can even bookmark positions of interest that you wish to return to later. Franco selected 40 games from to One fascinating inclusion in Test Your Chess are several little known, but remarkably instructive games, played by South American masters in the ss.

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Included are five games of Mikhail Tal meticulously annotated, and as far as this reviewer can determine, not as well-known as the standard Tal anthology games. His opponent Carlsen learnt this lesson well, since he is well known for winning a lot of games like this one, the normal result being a draw. Your click on the game you wish to study, work through it in the allotted time Franco recommends and click back to section the game came from. The point scales are broken down, more or less, like this one from Game One.

Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

After you work through the game, you are asked:. He has tried to be as objective as possible in formulation of the point scoring method.

Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

I implicitly trust his judgment. Once I had navigated through that and practiced minimizing the right side of my screen, the method worked perfectly.

Perhaps in a future edition of Test Your Chess , Everyman might be able to solve this minor dilemma of covering up the answer on screen. In the book version, one would tackle the exercises by moving down a sheet of paper covering the text as Franco recommends.

One game for that was particularly intriguing and instructive is a forgotten masterpiece: Quinteros v Petrosian, Buenos Aires, Game 31 found in Part Three. Here is an excerpt:. A tempting sacrifice of a piece for three pawns, added to which the black king will be vulnerable.

These include the familiar idea of Nc4 2 points ; while another typical idea is gain space with Of course not There is no passed pawn yet, and the black king would be out of danger. Discouraging the exchange on e4, which would give White a dangerous central pawn mass.

Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

Which one should I keep? Franco does not recycle or borrow from his other works.

Solitaire Chess

Franco provides readers with value and originality in all of his works. The Test Your Chess eBook belongs in the digital library of every chess player. There is something for everyone here — openings principles and variations explained, models for a variety positional themes, calculation practice, tactics, and exquisite endgames.

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Franco says you can simply enjoy this fascinating and unique game collection on its merits. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Solitaire chess pandolfini pdf reader

After you work through the game, you are asked: How did you do? Maximum score: 45 More than 39 points: Super-Grandmaster Between 35 and 39 points: Grandmaster Between 28 and 34 points: International Master Between 20 and 27 points: Tal is one of your favorite players!

Between 10 and 19 points: You found several key moves. Less than 10 points: You need to be more careful next time!

New "LEARN" Module: Solitaire Chess

Here is an excerpt: Nxf7 Rd5 Nd6, White has good compensation for the piece. Each game ends with a summary of the points to be learned from the game: 1. The image below shows how the ChessBase version makes use of colored variations: Franco does not recycle or borrow from his other works.

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