Sql Server 2012 System Views Pdf

Sql server 2012 system views pdf

Views are virtual tables that are compiled at runtime.

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The data associated with views are not physically stored in the view, but it is stored in the base tables of the view. A view can be made over one or more database tables. Once you have created the view, you can query view like a table.

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We can make an index, trigger on the view. Views show only those columns that are present in the query which is used to make a view.

Download SQL Server 2012 System Views Map from Official Microsoft Download Center

One more advantage of Views is, data abstraction since the end user is not aware of all the data present in the database table.

These are also used as template Views for all newly created databases.

Sql server 2012 system views pdf

These system Views will be automatically attached to any user-defined database. We have the following types of system defined views. In SQL Server we have twenty different schema views.

Rename Views in SQL Server

These are used to display information of a database, like as tables and columns. These are used to show database self-describing information. These Views give the administrator information of the database about the current state of the SQL Server machine.

These values help the administrator to analyze problems and tune the server for optimal performance. These are of two types.

Sql server 2012 system views pdf

In the simple view we can insert, update, delete data. We can only insert data in a simple view if we have a primary key and all not null fields in the view.

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In this article, I try to explain the view in SQL server with an example. I hope after reading this article your SQL views concepts will be strong. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers.

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Sql server 2012 system views pdf

Different Types of views in sql server. Database-scoped Dynamic Management View These are stored in each database.

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We have two types of user-defined views. Simple View When we create a view on a single table, it is called a simple view. We can't insert data in a complex view. Take our free skill tests to evaluate your skill!

SQL Server Database Engine Permission Posters

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Views in SQL Server

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Sql server 2012 system views pdf

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