Student Politics In Bangladesh Pdf

Student politics in bangladesh pdf

Why are students involved in politics?

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What are the disadvantages for students involved in politics? What are the advantages for students involved in politics? Research techniques. R9 and R10 are studying respectively a masters and an HSC programme at the ages of 26 and Findings and discussion. Abstract: Student politics is one of ignored areas in international scholarly debate.

Politics of Bangladesh

In , Altabach also made a very little contribution on Indian student politics. The Institutions of HE Higher Education in southern Asia is experiencing a high volume of student politics and teacher politics. People often make link between teacher politics and students while they talk informally. As Academics of HE in Southern Asia who are mainly conduct research are also rigorously involve with politics, therefore, they often ignore this area Alam, What is politics?

7 reasons student politics should be banned in India

Most introductory textbooks for students of politics begin with this question. There is, however, considerable disagreement regarding how it be answered Burns , p One view is that politics has to do solely and uniquely with the activities of the state Crick, , Laski, , Pickles, , Miller, , Heywood, There are, however, those who challenge this view because they consider it to be too narrow.

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They have in their different ways sought to broaden our understanding of the nature of politics. For example, one account is that politics has to do with the resolution, or at least the regulation, of conflict between individuals or groups.

A related view is that politics has to do with the preservation of order within a particular society or group Crick, There is also the view that politics involves processes of collective decision-making in societies and or groups Hague et al. A fourth view is that politics has to do with the exercise of power Duverger, , Leftwich, , Lukes, , As such politics is an integral aspect of all social life.

This is the understanding of politics that one finds in much of the current literature produced by post structuralist writers such as, for example, Chantal Mouffe Mouffe, Heywood has claimed recently that this last view is both the broadest and the most radical definition of politics available in the current literature Heywood, As we mentioned earlier, politics is an activity that requires at least two people; therefore, student politics also requires at least two students.

Below, we will distinguish three types of student politics. Student unity: It is probable that student unity is one of the oldest structures of student politics Altbach, When a number of students, whether just some students or the whole student body of a school, country or region, form themselves into a unity for executing a certain aim or a number of aims, or campaign in favour of their rights or agitate to receive their entitlement, they can be characterised by the term student unity Altbach, , , Ottaway, When a group of students who have religion, region, or any other interest in common form an organization under certain conditions within a school, country or even an international context, this is known as a students union Altbach, So every different group of students having one or more interests or aspects in common can form a different student union within a school, country or international context.

Each student union will campaign in favour of its own outlook or agitate to receive its entitlement. Therefore, sometimes student unions can be in competition with each other.

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These national political parties usually have their associated or affiliated organizations for different professional groups. To discuss this situation, I will use examples from the Bangladeshi context. Each of them has an affiliated political organization for students.

Student politics in bangladesh pdf

The above-mentioned three types are not exclusive. For example, if some students form a unity based on a particular issue, thereafter they can be divided into different groups for their further different interests or purposes. And then different groups can form various student unions. In underdeveloped counties, students unions are always biased by national politics because of their socio-economical and overall social conditions Altbach, , and , Glazer, , Hamilton, In the case of Bangladesh, Hannan believes that student politics ought to be associated with national politics.

Most students would not object strongly even to the presence on campus of a politician with no pretensions of student status, for the simple reason that student leaders are expected to be in contact with the machinery and authorities of the party they represent.

He also disagreed with those who believed students could never be politically relevant Glazer, , P However, a brief discussion will help to understand the discussion of the leading sections.

Student's Politics in Bangladesh

Virtually no academic research has been conducted on Bangladeshi student politics Daily Star. Apart from the newspaper articles, two authors Hannan and Ullah based in Bangladesh have made some contributions on Bangladeshi student politics.

However, their work only focuses on student campaigning. They themselves claim to be student leaders Ullah, and Hannan, , so the contents of their publications are not wholly neutral.

Student politics in bangladesh pdf

Student politics in the Bengal region was established while it was under British rule Hannan, and Ullah, As an independent nation since it has been being administered by both the elected government and martial law. Different types of student politics have existed at different periods Hannan, Particularly the educational policies imposed by the British administration on Bengal were different from the internal policies which existed within the UK and this was a cause of concern to Bengali students Hannan, and Again, Pakistani rules also force the students to campaign in favour of their rights Hannan, and Ullah, Moreover, Hannan and Ullah note that under martial law students continued the revolutionary tradition of student politics.

However, the recent upsurge of student politics is different: national political parties have established affiliated student political parties to use the students as their political tools. However, in this period students were collectively facing challenges from different student movements Ullah, SCF, , Hannan, Rightist students did not engage in much political activity within the campus Ullah, , SCF, and Hannan, On the other hand, there were two leftist student unions, namely Chartro union and Chartro League, and they principally dominated and controlled the campus politics Hannan , and Ullah In , both leftist and rightist political groups unitedly played a vital role in achieving the victory for Mother Tongue Revolution Ullah, In early Chartro league was divided into different groups and each group was headed by different Chartro league leaders Hannan, , and Ullah, In , leftist political students played a vital role in achieving victory for Independence Revaluation.

Student politics of Bangladesh

In , the president of the country was assassinated by military officials and after a few days martial law was established. The country president who was himself BNP president was also killed by military officials and after a certain period martial law was once again established.

The BJP were committed not to establish an associated student political party. Since the party had no affiliated student political party the president along with his advisers thought to establish one in order to compete against the other student political parties involved in the student revolution. Therefore, to examine these issues, we conducted further investigation in order to find the answers of the following research questions using the following research methods. Research techniques The methods of data collection are qualitative.

We chose methods that would allow the respondents to express their views in a free and personal way, giving as much prominence as possible to their thematic associations. Hence, we chose to use semi-structured telephone interviews and email questionnaires.

'Student Politics' in Bangladesh

Another method of data collection we adopted was document review. The interviews and other methods of data collection were conducted from abroad while we were in study leave. Only few days for field work, taken leave from universities was mainly concentrated on observation.

The observation was conducted through checklist and non-checklist method. It is proven that to receive proper and reliable data, triangulation of samples is an important issue Cohen et al. We selected our respondents from the four main major student organizations mentioned. In addition, we chose two students who were not involved in politics see next section.

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Moreover, we chose one college principal and one lecturer as our respondents. We also contacted national political leaders but they were not interested to talk on this topic. Robson makes the point that sometimes guaranteeing confidentiality helps the researcher to elicit valid data. When selecting respondents involved in politics, we chose students studying at Dhaka college, Dhaka university and some other institutes which are currently experiencing a high volume of student politics.

Student politics in bangladesh pdf

We selected those respondents not involved in student politics from private HE institutes where no student politics exists. In consideration of confidentiality, we labelled the respondents Cohen and Manion, and Hammersley, R9 and R10 are the students who are not involved with politics.

R11 and R12 are respectively the lecturer and principal. The further information about the respondents is as follows. R1 is studying a short language course in a university after completion of his masters degree. He is also an established businessman.

Student politics in bangladesh pdf

He is now almost 37 years old and has already spent 22 years in HE by taking various courses. He started student politics at 15 years old when he was a student at HSC level.

R2 is about 41 years old and started politics when he was a student at HSC level. His HE period spans almost 25 years at various courses and he is currently studying in a College. R3 is 31 years old, recently passed her masters degree and is now pursuing a short course.

Student politics in bangladesh pdf

Her experience in HE and student politics is 14 years. R4 completed his masters degree almost 10 years ago.

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In the meantime he has taken a number of short courses and has 16 years of experience in student politics. R5 is now completing the final year of his undergraduate course and his experience in politics is about 2. R6 is a student of the masters programme and his age is almost 29 years, his experience in politics is about 7 years. R7 is a 36 year old student studying a short course in the law department after five years at a law college.

His experience in student politics is about 12 years. R8 is a student who is now an established businessperson at present enrolled as a student of a short course and involved with student politics since