Taqabul E Adyan In Urdu Pdf History

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

All of these were either personal witness, or their close family members were victims of QK2 questionable character etc. Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool sahib, M.

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Arabic , M. Islamic Studies , L. Up till now there has been one-sided propaganda, and name-calling of Professor sahib by QK2 speeches and his followers though the use of Qadiani Jamaat newspapers and other publications.

Now with the power of Internet and YouTube Professor sahib has video recorded his side of story. This entry was posted on Sunday, October 17th, at pm and is filed under Ahmadiyya issues.

Writer: Abdul Qadir Shabih Ahmad

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. As explained by Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool sahib, in part 6 of his interview, it was QK2 delusion that young-men will do the same to his son Mirza Nasir Ahmad what his QK2 supporters did to Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib in in Qadian, at the occasion of election of next khalifa.

Mannan, I would suggest you to read your publications Paigham-e-Sulah of , mentioning that LAM were very happy about HPP group and offering them its stage and resources. It is extremely unfortunate to hear and read such accusations from highly educated Qadianis. It is mind boggling to see how a cult heads deprive their cult followers of rational thinking.

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

Thank Allah for providing us blessings of Internet. This is also a challenge to Qadianis. You can see this person was born into an Ahmadi environment, played kabaddi, went to school etc etc.. Every political party in Pakistan has street vendors for rumours. They get involved in spreading false news and exaggerated accounts to sow seeds of doubt among their neighbours. This shows the level of faith that LAM has in Promised Messiah as , that they will use filthy propaganda by Shorish and his ilk who were the leaders of the rejectors of Promised Messiah as.

These shameless people have not only tried to malign the names of holy personalities, but also dragged the names of innocent, honorable ladies in their filthy rumors.

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

Who would want to speak to such people? Only a gist, and not the translation of the whole speeches.

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Having published all posts and comments received on this subject, I will not be allowing any further posts or comments here. The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement refutes and objects to the wrong beliefs expressed by the Qadiani Jamaat and its khalifas.

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Any personal allegations are a matter between the accusers and the accused. If any personage claims to hold a status which requires him to have led a life of unblemished Islamic purity, then the world can already judge whether this is the case or not, without any repetition in this forum. Dear Dr.

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We respect your decision whether we agree with it or not. Otherwise Qadianis take LAM indifference as our acceptance of their accusation.

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I think, you being the official representative of LAM on Internet is the best person to answer Qadianis accusations. Paigham-e-Sulah references provided by Qadianis. However, I will direct you to read Paigham-e-Sulah edition of 31 October from page 8 particularly last column and going onto page 9.

I hope you will revert on the above; and I am not interested in your LAM blogs. Mannan Omar. The letter of Mr. Mannan Omar was published in the Paigham-e-Sulah Edition of 3 October on page 2 of the publication. You can find it on the same link. It can be accessed on above link pdf file page Today is the first time I read this letter of Abdul Manan Omar sahib.

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And in fact does not consider those people as his friends who mentioned his name in this regard. He went further and said that he does NOT consider himself qualified for this office and rather calls himself a weak person.

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

He has no contact with any person, party and has not formed any party. Neither he considers any such activity justified. He video recorded conversation with him, that he later transcribed and posted on his website.

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So, he did not write in any of those commercial newspapers. I wish I knew about this letter and I could have asked him personally.

I am amazed our Qadiani Jamaat friends and my nephew are upset that why even Abdul Manan Omar sahib dared to clarify his position to Qadiani public and to QK2. They consider it a justice? Regardless of all this, why Qadianis think by publishing Abdul Manan Omar sahib letter Paigham-e-Sulah was guilty of supporting him?

The article can be accessed on above link pdf file pages from to In this regard even supported Qadiani Jamaat in time of need in And Sir C. Khan had to make public statement to clarify him. And this QK2 did to divert attention of his followers from his own activities to control his followers. And wised freedom for Qadiani Jamaat friends. He has appreciated efforts of Qadiani Jamaat friends who were struggling for freedom.

He has written those scholars and missionaries who are taking part in freedom struggle, as they win their freedom they are welcome to join us, and take part in propagation of Islam.

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Now no-where from the article it can be proven that LAM started HPP or supported it, financially or in any other sense. Author is simply expressing his wish and appreciating movement of Qadianis who were struggling to get freedom from tyranny of QK2.

QK2 and his stooges did and still do false propaganda to create impression as if only Paigham-e-Sulah wrote in appreciation of HPP.

And all they have came up with few lines of appreciation of author of an article.

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Moreover, they had support of much more powerful, and effective newspapers and their editors. Please remember HPP was demanding from QK2 to set up an inquiry commission of people of his own liking that holds open court inquiry where HPP will provide many dozen witnesses who will testify under oath to prove QK2 has immoral character. HPP also announced that they would make QK2 to testify under oath to exonerate all charges on his immoral character.

Reason was simple he knew his character will become public and he will also qualify for Allah wrath for false testimony. Instead of holding inquiry commission QK2 made speech that Holy Prophet Muhammad never held inquiry commission then why should he.

Either provide proof or stop making lies like QK2. This interview is partly in English language. Listeners who are unable to understand Urdu will be able to understand parts of interview.

Although, A. As Dr.

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Hasan wrote above:. Ideally, it would be better if A. Shaikh would only educate Qadianis by exposing Qadiani Khalifas and their family members.

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

It is very much possible that A. Third Interview of Ms. Fauzia Faizi All in English.

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In her recent interview Ms. Fauzia Faizi has shared eye opening and interesting information.

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

A must interview to listen. Whereas Christians become atheist and deny existence of God.

Mukalma Episode 01 Taqabul E Adyan

Following is Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib tract:. Update on Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool and his family. He had to leave comfort of family, support of relatives and security of jamaat in Rabwah. He faced extreme economic hardships. It is amazing how he survived.

Besides getting degrees of higher level in formal education mentioned in first post in this thread he authored numerous books. Some of them are:. Professor Ghulam Rasool sahib has two sons.

Taqabul e adyan in urdu pdf history

Older one recently earned his Ph. D in parasitology from University of Calgary, Canada. Similarly, his daughters are physicians in Pakistan and USA. In fact Allah SWT has blessed him in opposite way. Multani and Misri sahib came to know about immoral life of QK2 involving his personal character.

They first wrote private letters to him asking him to state on oath his innocence and deny allegations. When QK2 did not make effort to exonerate him of charges, the two gentlemen made public demands to set up inquiry commission and investigate.

In response QK2 incited his followers against these gentlemen. As a result a fanatic follower of QK2, Aziz Ahmad, made life attempts on these gentlemen.