Tc Helicon Voicelive Play Gtx Pdf To Jpg

Tc helicon voicelive play gtx pdf to jpg

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Tc helicon voicelive play gtx pdf to jpg

Ultra-simple mic-stand-mount vocal and acoustic guitar processor for solo and duo performers 16 pages. USB - Connect to your computer with the included cable.

Tc helicon voicelive play gtx pdf to jpg

Page 10 Setup - Input cont. Page 13 Setup - Output cont.

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USB Out Level - Controls the level of the USB output If the device you are connect- ed to is clipping at its input, try turning this setting down Headphone Lim- There is a built-in headphone limiter, to provide protection from large volume increases, spikes, dropped mics, screaming fans etc 0dB is the default, but you can set it lower if you want more protection Ear damage can occur quickly at high volumes, so be cautious when using headphones Page 15 Setup - System cont.

Page Effects - Delay Effects - Delay f Delay Contains Delay effects which repeat the input signal based on the style and the current tempo There are two parameters: Feedback — Controls the amount of the delayed signal that is fed back into the effect Higher levels of feedback will make the delay continue for a longer period of time Style — Page 22 Effects - Delay cont.

Page Effects - Harmony Effects - Harmony f Harmony Creates harmonies to accompany your lead vocal, using one or more voices There are three parameters: Level — Controls the overall level of the Harmonies Press the right-upper soft button to select this parameter and use the control knob to adjust the level 0dB is the maximum volume for the effect — Page 25 Effects - Harmony cont.

Tc helicon voicelive play gtx pdf to jpg

Page Effects - Transducer Effects - Transducer f Transducer Contains effects that modify the sound by adding various filters and overdrive compo- nents There are three parameters: Drive — Controls the amount of overdrive applied to the signal More drive will distort the signal and create megaphone style effects Filter — Page Effects - Guitar Effects - Guitar f Guitar Guitar effects are handled in the same way as the vocal effects, with some minor chang- es.

The guitar sounds are selected by style and there is an advanced menu for fine con- trol over parameters Guitar settings are saved per-preset, unless Global Guitar is set to ON in the Setup menu If you select a guitar style and modify it, those settings will be lost if you move away from the style.

Page 30 Effects - Guitar cont.

Tc helicon voicelive play gtx pdf to jpg

Level - Replicates the Volume or Level control on an amplifier. This control can increase or decrease overall volume of the amplifier without adding distortion.

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This control is also useful in matching guitar levels from preset to preset Style - Select from the factory designed guitar styles, which include settings for Amp Type, Drive, Level, Reverb, uMod and Delay Page 31 Effects - Guitar cont. Page 32 Effects - Guitar cont.

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Bass - Controls the amount of low frequency boost or cut The EQ point and width Q changes between amp styles to reflect their real-world operation. Page 36 Troubleshooting cont.

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If not, check your P A manual to make sure everything is set up correctly - Are you using a condenser mic? Did you make sure to change the mic type to condenser in Page 37 Troubleshooting cont.

TC-Helicon Voicelive Play User Manual

VoiceSupport is a bit confusing, where can I learn more about it? This manual is also suitable for: Voicelive play gtx.

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TC Electronic Voicelive Play demo and tour

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