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The other side of israel pdf reader

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Wyatt, you have some points, however you overstate your case.

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They are going through similar problems as all western countries. The same forces are at work in Israel as in the US, W.

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Eur and other countries. They are infiltrating many governments and institutions all over the world. Israel has the same patriots you see in the US.

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Obama has little love for Israel, and knifed them in the back right before he left office. That is how bad it is getting with the left in Israel. Just like the US. Everyone is being pitted against each other in this fight. When in reality most are just useful idiots.

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When I was growing up I always was told that Jews were God's chosen people. That they were special. But as I have learned every religion, every person, regardless of race, sex, sexual preference. I have learned that "gods" chosen people are the patriots that love their country.

And it matters not what country they are from.

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The ones that fight the fight to keep their country and the world away from the ones that wish to destroy it for their own ends. All we are witnessing now, is a battle that has been waged from the beginning of time. The difference is it has reached Western countries, and now US shores. Make no mistake the battle cry of the left and the frenzy over taking down the US government is no different then the.

The other side of israel pdf reader

The examples go on and on. Humans have learned nothing over the centuries. So I repeat, "gods" chosen people are the patriots, that. Humans are not defined by their religion, their country of origin, the color of their skin, their sexual preference, they are defined by which side of this battle they are on. This has always been. It's the other side that makes up these artificial boundaries to make it easier to divide and conquer.

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I could go on and on: But, the battle is not against one country or one particular person, It is much bigger than that. Define the enemy and you are on your. Now I have to prepare for the markets to open:. We have seen people like Turley, Dershowitz, Pool, Penn, Lieberman, and others on the left condemn the attacks against this President, while not agreeing with him.

Political party to a lesser degree does not define the enemy either. And it always ends the same, the left gets destroyed by the very people they take in.

Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh. Tweet Share Email Embed. Enjoying this thread? This Thread may be Removed Anytime! Try unrolling a thread yourself! More from RickJSportPlays see all. It was all about Removing Trump. They has to silence him like they silenced Assange. And like they have silenced Stone. They did not cave to the chilling affect of the mob.

So they had to be silenced.

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The one miscalculation they made was the pure will of Trump. It was a fatal miscalculation. And they still have not learned their lesson.

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There is not one person in the world in a free society that could have battled the forces mounted against him like Trump. A DC establishment that has fought him at every step of the way, a former administration that set traps and still has sabotaged parts of the administration, appointees who are ingrates and narcissistic enough to think they rule foreign policy.

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It is endless, yet Trump wakes. Schiff should have been placed under arrest already. He lied and lied and lied. He filed a report that he knew was a lie.


I do not think it has sunk in yet. Ponder this, it has just been proven beyond any doubt that the entire special counsel setup was a hoax. Ponder that. The entire 40 million, let alone all the money people had to spend on Attys was started on a hoax, and they knew it from the beginning. And know knowing this was all a hoax, the House still goes ahead with impeachment.

I say burn DC to the ground. The poison that overwhelms DC. Is something that cannot be cured. They learn this entire 3 years was a hoax, that Schiff lied about everything and yet they still proceed. It does not get any worse then this.

The other side of israel pdf reader

This is was triggers revolutions. And at this point I would happily lead the charge. And I ask, how could it be any worse?

The other side of israel pdf reader

From Obama on down to everyone that knew, including those Republicans that were complicit. I assure you there were many, all need indictments.

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That is why Graham made the incredible statement yesterday that perhaps the start of this was fine but then later unacceptable. The reason, he was in on it at the beginning with his buddy McCain.

The other side of israel pdf reader

He will steer the judiciary committee away from the inception. Always remember the mantra out of the Senate was let Mueller finish, he had to be protected at all costs.

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They knew the dossier was fake, there is only one logical conclusion, they were in on it. Just as they participated in the IRS tea party scandal. Related threads. Filomena Rocha. Trending hashtags.

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The other side of israel pdf reader

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The other side of israel pdf reader

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