The Treaty Of Rome 1957 Pdf

The treaty of rome 1957 pdf

Under the name Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union , it remains one of the two most important treaties in the modern-day European Union EU. The TEEC proposed the progressive reduction of customs duties and the establishment of a customs union. It proposed to create a single market for goods, labour, services, and capital across the EEC's member states. The treaty has been amended on several occasions since The Maastricht Treaty of removed the word "economic" from the Treaty of Rome's official title and, in , the Treaty of Lisbon renamed it the "Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union".

The Treaty of Paris was an international treaty based on international law, designed to help reconstruct the economies of the European continent, prevent war in Europe and ensure a lasting peace.

The treaty of rome 1957 pdf

The original idea was conceived by Jean Monnet , a senior French civil servant and it was announced by Robert Schuman , the French Foreign Minister, in a declaration on 9 May The aim was to pool Franco-West German coal and steel production, because the two raw materials were the basis of the industry including war industry and power of the two countries. The proposed plan was that Franco-West German coal and steel production would be placed under a common High Authority within the framework of an organisation that would be open for participation to other European countries.

The treaty of rome 1957 pdf

The underlying political objective of the European Coal and Steel Community was to strengthen Franco-German cooperation and banish the possibility of war. The Treaty expired on 23 July , after fifty years, as was foreseen. The common market opened on 10 February for coal, iron ore and scrap, and on 1 May for steel. Partly in the aim of creating a United States of Europe , two further Communities were proposed, again by the French.

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President Jean Monnet , a leading figure behind the Communities, resigned from the High Authority in protest and began work on alternative Communities, based on economic integration rather than political integration. As a result of the energy crises, the Common Assembly proposed extending the powers of the ECSC to cover other sources of energy.

However, Monnet desired a separate Community to cover nuclear power , and Louis Armand was put in charge of a study into the prospects of nuclear energy use in Europe. The report concluded that further nuclear development was needed, in order to fill the deficit left by the exhaustion of coal deposits and to reduce dependence on oil producers.

The treaty of rome 1957 pdf

The Benelux states and West Germany were also keen on creating a general common market ; however, this was opposed by France owing to its protectionist policy, and Monnet thought it too large and difficult a task.

In the end, Monnet proposed creating both as separate Communities to attempt to satisfy all interests. The Spaak Report [3] drawn up by the Spaak Committee provided the basis for further progress and was accepted at the Venice Conference 29 and 30 May where the decision was taken to organise an Intergovernmental Conference.

The treaty of rome 1957 pdf

The two new High Authorities would be called Commissions , from a reduction in their powers. France was reluctant to agree to more supranational powers; hence, the new Commissions would have only basic powers, and important decisions would have to be approved by the Council of national Ministers , which now adopted majority voting.

In March , the BBC 's Today radio programme reported that delays in printing the treaty meant that the document signed by the European leaders as the Treaty of Rome consisted of blank pages between its frontispiece and page for the signatures.

Major anniversaries of the signing of the Treaty of Rome have been commemorated in numerous ways. Commemorative coins have been struck by numerous European countries, notably at the 30th and 50th anniversaries and respectively. In , celebrations culminated in Berlin with the Berlin declaration preparing the Lisbon Treaty. In , Rome was the centre of multiple official [11] [12] [13] and popular celebrations.

Treaty of Rome: 60 year anniversary

According to the historian Tony Judt , the Treaty of Rome did not represent a fundamental turning point in the history of European integration :. It is important not to overstate the importance of the Rome Treaty. It represented for the most part a declaration of future good intentions Most of the text constituted a framework for instituting procedures designed to establish and enforce future regulations.

Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (Rome, 25 March 1957)

The only truly significant innovation — the setting up under Article of a European Court of Justice to which national courts would submit cases for final adjudication — would prove immensely important in later decades but passed largely unnoticed at the time.

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The treaty of rome 1957 pdf

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Treaty establishing the European Economic Community. Rome, 25 March 1957

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Treaty of Rome

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