Training And Development Research Pdf File

Training and development research pdf file

Employee training and development.

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Wood divides trainings methods into two categories: traditional training methods, and electronic training methods. As a traditional training method, on-the-job training includes job rotation, coaching, and action learning, whereas the main elements of off-the-job training offside training are case-study, games, external seminars, Internet-based seminars and conferences, university-related programs, role-playing, behavioural modelling, Internet educational portals, and behavioural modelling.

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The main elements of electronic training are computer-based training, video-conferencing, electronic performance support systems, tele-training, learning portals and others. Paauwe specifies task analysis to be a detailed study of the job to be undertaken in order to identify skills required for the job.

Performance analysis, on the other hand, as Shermon informs, examine individual and collective performances within organisations in order to identify deficiencies, then training and development programs can be devised in order to eliminate these performance deficiencies.

Training and development research pdf file

Strengths of behaviour modelling as an element of training and development scheme is that many skills can be taught by at the same time by using them, and this option is not available in many other training and development elements. However, at the same time, behaviour modelling proposes rigid solutions to problems, failing to take into account unusual circumstances. Managers also should be put on job rotations , in order to expose them to different issues the company has in general, and at the same time giving them opportunities to acquire team management and cross cultural skills that will allow managers to operate well within various departments of the company.

Job rotations are good in a way that they provide opportunities for increased level of social interaction and they can also eliminate the monotony in the workplace.

However, according Byars and Rue job rotations can be a source of stress for employees, especially when they start losing sense of ownership of their job as a result of job-rotation. The strengths of video-conferencing as a training method can be shown as being interesting and motivating, especially when high-achievers within the company working in foreign operations are sharing their cultural experiences with junior managers through video conferencing.

Training and development research pdf file

However, the weaknesses of video-conferencing include the necessity of relevant facilities, and accordingly, additional expenses, and also there might be time-related issues when meetings between people from different countries are being organised on the basis of video-conferencing. Lectures as one of the main elements of training and development schemes have their strengths such as being less expensive compared to some other training and development methods, short period of time required to conduct them, and also lectures are usually taught by highly skilled professionals giving managers participating on them opportunity ask these professionals questions.

On the other hand, lectures have their weaknesses, the main of which is the possibility that the attention of managers participating in them may be shifted to different things if they find it not to be interesting.

Moreover, Laird et al state that usually in majority of lectures there are no provisions for student participation and this is another major disadvantage of this training method. It has to be also noted that in order to bring the maximum results, training and development elements specified above need to be conducted with highly qualified professionals.

Otherwise, it would result in losses in forms of wasted time, as well as other forms of resources involved in the project.

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Training and development research pdf file

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