Warrior Cats The Last Hope Pdf Writer

Warrior cats the last hope pdf writer

What Is Warrior Cats?

Fun Facts Warrior Cats has many characters and many plot points, and along the way some interesting things have been revealed. The main writers have also revealed certain facts on tour, on their own websites and other place.

This page lists some of the fun facts about the series, its characters and the authors that even the biggest Warrior Cats fans may not know.

There is some extra fun trivia that was exclusive to the Warriors App, this can be viewed here.

Author Facts - The pen name Erin Hunter was chosen, as 'hunter' matched the feral cat theme. It was also chosen so their books would be shelved near the author Brian Jacques, an author they were fond of, and who's books were aimed at the same type of audience they were aiming at.

Warrior cats the last hope pdf writer

It was not her choice and she hates it. She also said she would also like to be in WindClan, but she can swim better than she can run. Gray Wing felt the term 'groups' did not feel enough to describe the closeness of the camp mates.

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She also said that doomed romance is much more fun than happy couples. However only as a basis, there are no landmarks in the forest that match those from the Warrior Cats series.

The Last Hope/Allegiances

Character Facts - The original Clan Leaders took their names from the part of the forest where they lived: Shadow lived in the dark pinewoods, Wind lived on the breezy moor, Sky loved climbing the tallest trees, Thunder lived near the thunderpath, and River lived by the river.

However this was contradicted in the 'Warriors App' which states: ThunderClan's first leader, Thunder, earned his name because he used storms to his advantage, hunting during the loudest thunderclaps which confused the prey. However, this was contradicted again, as the official answer to Thunder's name was revealed in 'The Sun Trail'.

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Thunder's mother was called storm, who died trying to protect her Kits in a building that was being demolished by Twolegs.

Turtle Tail came up with the name by saying: "He was born of Storm, in the midst of a storm of stones and dust, yet he has survived.

However she later confirmed that he was really in the Dark Forest all along. It never occurred to Vicky that cats wouldn't know what hammers were until someone mentioned it just before the book went to print. Tigerclaw was chosen in a rush, and she didn't fell it suited him as well as Hammerclaw. So he was definitely given all his nine lives.

Warrior cats the last hope pdf writer

So he bled to death from his veins, his lungs were punctured, his heart was ripped open, his liver was damaged, etc. Scourge had actually joined Tigerstar so he could get his revenge for when Tigerpaw Tigerstar when he was an apprentice had attacked and scared Scourge Known as Tiny at the time when he was a young lost cat who wondered into ThunderClan.

Scourge was the only cat who seemed to remember this not even Tigerstar himself and killing Tigerstar was his long awaited revenge. It is the duty of StarClan to give you lives for what you might lack, to make your leadership fair for all cats in your care" However if this is always the case, cats such as Firestar who received lives such as Compassion to not support this.

Perhaps this was only the case for Tigerstar as he was a special case. They share the same father Jake, a Kittypet and are therefore half-brothers.

Author Facts

He said "I want Crookedpaw in the patrol to claim back sunning rocks, no I want Crookedjaw. He died of greencough twice in both cases he was later listed in the allegiances as alive, and once his death was unmentioned, but his name was removed from the allegiances so it was assumed he died again of old age or illness.

However Leafpool had wanted to name her after their father Crowfeather, but Squirrelflight said that if she were to become their new mother, she should have a say, and Leafpool agreed reluctantly. It is now said that Yellowfang lied to her about it so that she would take Leafpool's kits instead.

However Jayfeather also said that when he looked into her thoughts, Ashfur's death had been deliberately planned for the sake of ThunderClan, so who really knows what she was thinking? She knew that the war with the Dark Forest was approaching and knew they needed to have faith in StarClan if they wished to survive.

Lionblaze's powers do not count, Tigerstar was the strongest Warrior in the entire series.

Warrior Cats: The Last Hope - Spoilers

Kate remembered at the last minute and quickly edited them into the story two days before the book went to print. So she died protecting the nursery to save the Kits, to prove that she could fight as ferociously as any Warrior.

My lives were long and full, and I had so much happiness. And I chose the best deputy I could have, knowing that you would succeed me one day" However StarClan have suggested previously they are powerless over such things. Does this mean they choose when a Kit dies?

Warrior cats the last hope pdf writer

Or is this only the case sometimes. Or is this not suppose to be taken literally?

Warrior cats the last hope pdf writer

Joke 'Facts' - Jake died when he was apparently struck by a meteorite while sitting on the fence! Said by Victoria Holmes on her facebook page. Logically however it is assumed he died from old age or in some other way that is common for Kittypets. Logically however it is assumed he went to wherever Kittypets, Rogues and other cats who do not believe in StarClan go when they die.

Spoiler Warning This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu.

General Facts

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Warrior cats the last hope pdf writer