Western Ghats Of Karnataka Pdf File

Western ghats of karnataka pdf file

A very small number of coun-.

Western ghats of karnataka pdf file

Of about 1. Of the 11 Vavilovian centres of diver-. India is one. It is the centre of diversity. To name a few, the fol-. Colocasia, Amorphophallus, carda-.

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As far as agro-biodiversity. Among animals, domestic fowl from. Hot spots are recognised on the ba-. Since the endemic species are. Hence, at the global level,.

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Of the estimated 17, species of. Western Ghats region, of which Nearly a third of these. Of the species of mam-. Of these, endemic species, Lion-tailed. Nilgiri marten, Indian gaint squirrel,. Nilgiri tahr are thratened. In addition,. The forests of Western Ghats , in view.


In addition to. NWFPs which are of particular sig-. Western Ghats region is also a rich. It con-. These wild. There are also in this.

Our biotic resources are under increas-. The effective forest cover in. According to the State. Biodiversity of. Ghats with. Kaveriappa and Mr.

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Plants around Kaiga nuclear power. Page 2. Environmental movement has received. The en-. There has been an. In situ conservation: The best way to. There are at.

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Parks and Sanctuaries with a total. In a worldwide programme was. MAB for the identification and con-. In , in. In India,. Biosphere Reserve in the Western. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is. Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu ex-. Ex-situ conservation: Although in situ.

Power Plant and surveying the flora of. Floristic survey: The floristic survey of. Power Plant, as well as the surround-.

Western Ghats Programme

Nearly species. Carvia with a single species,. Acanthaceae and Moullava, again. Nicolson Caesalpiniaceae ,. Western Ghats region Krishnakumar. Of these 30 endemics,. Holigarna grahamii Wight Kurz and. Myristica malabarica Lam.

The area is also rich in. In a limited survey of the mycoflora of. It is thus evident that the Kaiga forest. Revegetation: Under the revegetation.

Majority of these plants belong. Ghats and include 11 species endemic. Ghats , because of the various.

List of peaks in the Western Ghats

Ever since its inception in , the. Department of Applied Botany of. Mangalore University has taken up. And ex situ conservation of the plants.

About 42, seedlings. Dam in Kudremukh. They comprise of. Besides a botanical garden, an arbo-.

Biodiversity of the Western Ghats Complex of Karnataka

Karnataka region. More than en-.

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They include 11 rare. The department, in collaboration with. Nirsarga Dhama about 15 km from. Mangalore in an area extending over.

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Plant conservation work at Kaiga:. Thanks to the plant conservation.

Western ghats of karnataka pdf file

Corporation of India, Kaiga, the Ap-. Mangalore University has been en-. Page 3. Born in Kodagu District of Karnataka,.

Western Ghats

Kaveriappa had his primary and. District and higher education in the. College, Madikeri and. Manasagangotri Mysore both under.

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After comple-. Shetty started his research career. Agricultural College and Research. Institute, Coimbatore now Agricul-.

Western ghats of karnataka pdf file

Botanical Survey of India where he. Coimbatore, Dehra Dun and Jodhpur,. Herbarium, Calcutta.

Western ghats of karnataka pdf file

While working in.