Yasin English Transliteration Pdf Editor

Yasin english transliteration pdf editor

Wonderful article!

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This is definitely a very useful reference the way this page and the pages it links to are developing. Can someone please add details of the additional Suras? Pope Benedict, in his Sept 07 speech that caused a lot of outrage in the Muslim world, cited Sura 2, 'There is no compulsion in religion. Would anyone object to my removing the linking of the word ayat after each Surah?

I say this because it is listed in the introduction and there so there is no point in linking it each time is there? Well, give your opinions. Dbachmann made Template:sura in order for us to easily change all of the sura linking at once instead of having to change each individual page.

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Anyone who want can begin to change over the html that is now in the pages to use the template if they wish, an example is already done with Al-Fatiha. I think I will try to make a although than prettier table like on the French page and also I will try to read through the information to see how much of it should be added at the intro. I am not the best at translating or reading French but I will try and of course corroborate anything with sources in my native language. Well, I think I'm the only one who reads this but I have started editting the Dutch version here [ [1] ] and any help would be fine Is it appropriate to have articles specifically for Ayah 1 , Ayah 2 , Ayah 3 , Ayah Wikisource is the place for full text, not wikipedia.

Going by the decision to remove the full text of NT bible chapters, and instead link to wikisource, I have been doing the same for the Surahs. I wanted to make sure that this wasn't going to be controversial, and perhaps enlist some help in implimenting the necessary changes. I might also propose deleting the stub articles that have no content, such as. That information can be found on the main Sura page, and I believe redlinks from the main list will show users which pages have expansive articles and which ones are 'stubs' without having to click on every link for example, look at the chapter template on the Gospel of John article.

Apparently, the plural of the word sura is suwar.

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I'd like to use suwar , but maybe suras is so ingrained in the English language that suras may even be the correct plural of sura. Can someone clarify this? I reverted because of a lack of discussion but I figured it's a worthwhile question.

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I know other languages seek "sura" as the prefix as part of the naming And, when should we add the 'h' Is there a scholarly form of tranliteration we should adhere to? I am not sure how transliteration would even work through that system. Any ideas?

Yasin english transliteration pdf editor

I know Aya Ayat and Hezb Ahzab but what is a rukus exactly? Habibko talk , 14 March UTC.

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I always thought this was a Madinan Surah - matter of fact, I have a kittab here that differentiates between Makan and Madinan. So, I changed it to what it should be. The name of sura 60 is transliterated as "Al-Mumtahina", but its meaning suggests that "Al-Mumtahana" should be correct.

I checked several printed copies of Medina Mushaf and realized that the name was originally written as Al-Mumtahina, but in recent prints, the Kasra below Hah has been removed: in some cases Hah came with a Fatha, and in majority of cases it remained diacritic-less. Any idea? I have heard that the suras are roughly in order by length, with the sura having the fewest verses coming last.

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Also I've heard that typically a student memorizing the Qur'an will start at the end of the book, with the shortest suras. My questions are:. If there's no controversy, then I'd like to mention something about the order of the suras in the article.

Yasin english transliteration pdf editor

I'd even like to have a table listing each sura and its length. But if there's a controversy, maybe we have to do something different? There are to tally Ayat Verses in The Holy Qur'an , and as per the table and Wikipedia's information the figure is , which is wrong.

Yasin english transliteration pdf editor

Wikipedia Authorities please update the Information and Table with the correct Answers. The best source in this world to tistify is The Holy Qur'an itself. Dont believe the other books or online sources, they all may be fake or half of the truth like this one. So my only suggestion is that please refer the The Holy Qur'an itself, and you will come to know about the truth.

And mind that this is the matter of the belief and the religion. Sounds crazy WP relies on the fake or half truth secondary sources which may misguide the world about truth instead of The Holy Qur'an, while the subject is in The Holy Qur'an itself. It's not written there in The Holy Qur'an that there are Sur'ah Chapters , but the people have counted it thats why we all know it better. So do the same for Ayats, and I'm pretty sure you will come to know about the truth.

In view of this, perhaps we can discuss creating an article List of suras in the Quran or something similar , so that that article can be classed as list-class. Then the article Sura can be an article in itself. The Quran consists of suras, which is 19 x 6.

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From the missing Basmalah of Sura 9 to the extra Basmalah of Sura 27, there are precisely 19 suras. Sura 96, first in the chronological sequence, consists of 19 verses. Sura 96 consists of Arabic letters, and equals 19 x The famous first revelation consists of 19 words.

This worded first revelation consists of 76 letters 19 x 4. The last revelation Sura consists of 19 words. The first verse of the last revelation consists of 19 letters. Between the first initialed sura Sura 2 and the last initialed sura Sura 68 there are 38 un-initialed suras 19 x 2. Peace be upon you Shaad Iko, Thanks and may God bless you for your prompt response and link to study.

Based on this I submit that, God Willing, you would be satisfied from the verifiable facts below that the links are from and based on published findings of Rashad Khalifa, Ph.

Peace be upon you all, I presume that my post of , 26 November UTC meets the satisfaction of the editors and Wikipedia and now it can appear on the main article page, before I include the 13 items of this post on the main page I felt prudent checking with the contributors that there is no more concerns, so please let me know.

I God Willing intend to upload in another 36 hrs time. Peace be upon you Shaad lko, your suggestion is well taken, God Bless you.

God Willing, a only facts that are verifiable and are not the original researches shall be presented and b will go with your suggestion to summarize the items as much as possible so that the detailed ones relevant to each Suras go in individual Chapters. Thanks for sharing your observation with me a new editor. God willing, I am submitting below:.

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If you have further reservations or disputes, please do advise;. The data in items 1 to 8 presented on the main page is based on Quran data, reference texts commonly accepted and widely used by mainstream Muslims worldwide [apart from Quran: The Final Testament by Rashad Khalifa USI Appendix 1 ].

These include:. The link below would prove that the above referred Tanzil.

Surah Waqiah with English Translation

The Basmala occurs times, despite its conspicuous absence from sura 9, it occurs twice in sura From the missing Basmala of sura 9 to the extra Basmala of sura 27, there are precisely 19 suras. Between the first initialed sura sura 2 and the last initialed sura sura 68 there are 38 uninitialed suras 19 x 2. Between the first and last initialed sura there are 19 sets of alternating initialled and uninitialed suras.

The first Sura 96 and the last Sura revealed demonstrate similar phenomenon of mathematical structure based on the number In my proposal of 26 November I accept that I had not made any mention of Dr. I appeal to you and Wikipedia to equitably consider submissions below based on your good logic, judgment, thoughtfulness, common sense and consideration and advise me:.

Do you believe that they will not agree with valuable or modern information, merely because one associated with discovery thereof was now not popular etc.? I trust the above answers to the points that you are looking for however if there are still concerns left that needs addressing will be, God willing, I will be happy to discuss.

Peace be upon you. Ali Engl. According to the holy Imams these letters are a means of reaching the higher realms of true knowledge, available in the verses of the Quran, but the domain of sublime confidences are reserved only for the chosen representatives of Allah. I trust the above further answers the points that you are looking for however if there are still concerns left that needs addressing, please do inform and God willing, I will be happy to discuss.

Yasin english transliteration pdf editor

Thank you. Following are some of the additional links that may facilitate your verification for points 2 a and b of my post , 21 December If there are still concerns left that need addressing, please do inform and God willing, I will be happy to discuss. God willing, to facilitate you, I wish to consolidate and thus simplify my submissions for the issues raised. Please therefore consider that:. These are based on independent, verifiable, reliable, undisputed Quran data, reference texts commonly accepted by those in control of web sites and Quran printings etc.

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Islam Submission to God. Thus I do not see why anyone wishing to minimize extremists and sectarian viewpoints which would be dangers to world peace , would wish to restrict freedom of information etc. Apart from other submissions here, may I appeal to you to please consider whether requiring people to go to Dr.

Khalifa before they may have due access to scientific and widely accepted data etc. Khalifa — which appears to be coming in the way and causing you concerns etc. I hope the above perspective helps resolving the issues raised by you, however if you still feel there are areas that I can elaborate, God Willing, will be happy to do so.

Yasin english transliteration pdf editor

Thus with due respect I submit that that the modern facts under discussion are not a matter of any issues or view points or ideas.