Odyssey Book 23 Perseus Books

Odyssey book 23 perseus books

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The Odyssey

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Odyssey book 23 perseus books

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Odyssey book 23 perseus books

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The Odyssey - Homer - Book 23 - Summary

And for our aid in the wake of our dark-prowed ship a fair wind that filled the sail, a goodly comrade, was sent by fair-tressed Circe, dread goddess of human speech.

So when we had made fast all the tackling throughout the ship, [10] we sat down, and the wind and the helms man made straight her course. All the day long her sail was stretched as she sped over the sea; and the sun set and all the ways grew dark. Never does the bright sun look down on them with his rays either when he mounts the starry heaven or when he turns again to earth from heaven, but baneful night is spread over wretched mortals.

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And I earnestly entreated the powerless heads of the dead, [30] vowing that when I came to Ithaca I would sacrifice in my halls a barren heifer, the best I had, and pile the altar with goodly gifts, and to Teiresias alone would sacrifice separately a ram, wholly black, the goodliest of my flocks. But when with vows and prayers [35] I had made supplication to the tribes of the dead, I took the sheep and cut their throats over the pit, and the dark blood ran forth.

Then there gathered from out of Erebus the spirits of those that are dead, brides, and unwedded youths, and toil-worn old men, and tender maidens with hearts yet new to sorrow, [40] and many, too, that had been wounded with bronze-tipped spears, men slain in fight, wearing their blood-stained armour.

Odyssey book 23 perseus books

These came thronging in crowds about the pit from every side, with a wondrous cry; and pale fear seized me. Then I called to my comrades and bade them flay and burn [45] the sheep that lay there slain with the pitiless bronze, and to make prayer to the gods, to mighty Hades and dread Persephone.

And I myself drew my sharp sword from beside my thigh and sat there, and would not suffer the powerless heads of the dead [50] to draw near to the blood until I had enquired of Teiresias. The Odyssey with an English Translation by A.

Odyssey book 23 perseus books

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Odyssey book 23 perseus books