The Circle Book 1 Summary

The circle book 1 summary

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The Circle Book 1, Pages 84-126 Summary & Analysis

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The circle book 1 summary

The Circle by Dave Eggers. Download this LitChart! Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Circle , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Later, they bought a parking lot. In high school, it was always humiliating for Mae to hear her classmates talking about running into her parents at the lot.

The circle book 1 summary

Mae is clearly close with her parents. Active Themes. Social Networking and the Internet. Sends the wrong message.

The circle book 1 summary

Like a lot of adults, Mae has a love-hate relationship with her parents. Her father was diagnosed with MS while she was still in high school. Mae is horrified—she knows how badly her father needs his medicine. Before she can express sympathy, her parents give her a gift: a heavy silver pen, which they think will look good on her desk.

Mae and her mother finish their meal quickly and then go out to join Vinnie.

The Circle

In this chapter, Eggers paints a picture of an imperfect but happy family. Download it! After saying goodbye to her parents, Mae drives out to the beach.

As she drives, she remembers Mercer her old boyfriend teaching her how to kayak. At the beach, she rents a kayak from a woman named Marion , whom Mae has known for years. She goes kayaking , savoring the feeling of being alone. Suddenly, she begins to sob.

The Circle Summary & Study Guide

The sight of her father in so much pain is almost impossible for her to bear. She spends nearly an hour drifting on the ocean. Throughout the book, there are long scenes of Mae kayaking. These moments are very important for Mae because they give her the privacy and solitude she, and all human beings, need.

The circle book 1 summary

Privacy here is shown to be restorative. On Monday morning, Mae throws herself into her work. Mondays are always busy, because the user requests from the weekend have piled up. Mae finds it harder to concentrate on her work, and she dips down to a She sends follow-ups about her low scores, but her clients are grumpy and irritable.

A summary of the circle

She receives a message from Francis inviting her to lunch. Mae apologizes for the abrupt end to their conversation last week, and Francis apologizes for talking about his childhood so frankly.

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She likes to tell that story. These chips will surely reduce child abductions by a massive amount.

The Circle Summary and Analysis of Book 1 Part 1 (pp. 1-84)

Oddly, however, Francis seems comfortable with the fact that Annie tells people about his tragedy. Notice, too, that Francis describes a practice that could be called unethical: forcing children to wear tracking devices and, in fact, imbedding these devices so deep in their bodies that they have no choice but to wear them at all times. Dan messages Mae to ask her to meet a Circle worker named Gina later. Mae takes Kalden back to her workplace, where she lets him watch her as she works through customer requests.

Kalden watches for a few minutes, asking Mae some basic questions about her job. As Kalden leaves, a cold-looking woman walks into the room, greets Mae , and introduces herself as Gina. Gina also sets up a program called CircleSearch, which allows Mae to search for the location of anyone on the Circle campus.

The circle book 1 summary

This passage is an early sign that not everything is perfect at the Circle: Gina seems to be the first unpleasant Circle employee Mae has met.

Also, notice that technology allows Mae to track anyone on campus—another program that seems highly unethical.

The circle book 1 summary

Gina explains that Mae will be receiving hundreds of online messages every day. Her Circle network will categorize these messages according to their importance. Is it? In this darkly comic passage, Gina gives Mae contradictory, borderline-incomprehensible demands, and then asks if everything is clear. Gina gives more contradictory demands. She receives messages about the menus in the Circle cafeteria, about upcoming speakers, and more.

The Circle - Book I: Pages 1 – 102 Summary & Analysis

Mae gets a message from an old friend who has the flu, and Mae responds by posting a song about the flu. Her post prompts a series of new threads about the band that wrote the song, which leads to further posts and threads about a city, war veterans from that city, the war in Afghanistan, medical marijuana, etc. Mae finds herself getting tired and she heads home.

This passage satirizes the chaotic jumble of the Internet in general and social networking in particular. Here, for example, Mae moves from showing sympathy for her friend to looking up medical marijuana. The Internet, the passage suggests, makes it difficult to focus on any single topic or to express any single emotion. She feels lucky to be in contact with so many amazing people. Just before lunch, Mae gets a message from Dan asking her to stop by. Mae is utterly confused—suddenly, Alistair begins to cry.

The Circle Summary

In spite of small signs of menace, Mae continues to count herself lucky to be working at the Circle. Mae meets Annie for lunch. She explains that Mae must have been invited to the brunch automatically because Mae went to Portugal five years ago, and took pictures—pictures that are posted on her accounts online. Because Circle employees are style leaders, companies send products to the Circle campus every day. The existence of the sample room suggests the clout that Circle employees carry in the world.

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The prestige and perks associated with working at the Circle seem to incentivize overlooking the more bizarre and invasive aspects of company.

Surveillance and Transparency. After work, Mae asks Francis if he wants to hang out. They get dinner in San Francisco and afterwards Mae kisses Francis. Francis thanks Mae, which she finds odd.

They wander through the city, kissing and exploring the streets. The romance between Francis and Mae is interesting because Eggers never makes it clear what exactly Mae likes about Francis..

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The Circle

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